Geek Love

First off, continuing yesterday’s discussion, the final Harry Potter film, THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (Part Two), does exactly what it needs to do. I think the preceding film is a bit better, but things wrap up nicely (nice being the operative word here). That is all. Though I’ll defend HP from those too cool to give the little guy a break, I’m by no means a super-fan or anything like that. The series is done and all is well (my kid has been following them since the age of six, and now, at sixteen, this particular entry feels more like a milestone than a been-there, done-that fantasy).

Okay, the Potter-verse behind me, the real purpose of today’s blog is my shiny, sexy, new, black XBOX 360 slim. Yep, Loyal Reader, I finally freed my old school box from my home theater set up and traded on up. Gamestop (those greedy pigs) gave me a $110 bucks in trade, so I shelled out just shy of $200 for the new system, but hot damn! I’ve got 250gb (over the old box’s pathetic 20 gigs). I can also plug the new console in via an HDMI cable as opposed to the old system’s component only outputs. It’s also quieter and smaller and matches my hulking (by comparison), shiny, black PS3. Other than that it’s the same old thing, but I’m geeking out nonetheless.

What else? Oh, DEATH & DESIRE IN THE AGE OF WOMEN, my Bloodletting Books release, has been showing up on doorstops and in mailboxes across this great nation, but I’ve still yet to get my contributor’s copies. Eight of them have been shipped my way, except mail service ’round here seems slower than elsewhere. Ugh! Frustrating! I was hoping to snap a few pictures and post them up, and I will, but it looks like it’ll have to wait until Monday (providing the mail delivers the goods).

For those of you that have received your copy (copies for you big spenders), I can’t thank you enough for the support. I pour my heart and soul into these things and that you’d take the time to read them means the world. Be sure to let me know what you think about DEATH & DESIRE and stay tuned for updates on upcoming works (7BRAINS and BIRDBOX should both be dropping by late summer – deadlines don’t always pan out, but according to my publishers that’s the current plan).

Speaking of video games, check out my man, Dave Chappelle playing some GTA


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