Dream School

I envision no attitude. Can you even imagine it? Oh, Loyal Reader, especially those old enough to understand, can you possibly fathom a world where teenagers are polite, respectful, and eager for wisdom. They need some of that wonder drug from the ape movie. Although, now that I think about it, a burst in intelligence wouldn’t necessarily set them straight. There are tons of intelligent idiots walking the earth. Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you’re humble, so no gas, no magic serum. It might help, but then it might not, it might even make things worse. It’s not worth the risk. If only a giant hand would drop down from the heavens and smack one of them every time they were rude. Ah, to  dream…

(Perchance to dream…)

Okay, okay, today wasn’t so bad. The kids were actually pretty good. My job is super weird (unless you teach, then it’s completely normal). I stand in front of thirty-six adolescent aliens and try to direct our energies so that the class moves along smoothly and nobody has a freak out. I hang with kids all day long. They’re mostly unstable. It’s draining and I am dead tired, my dogs are barking, I plan on falling asleep around 10:30PM (which is horrible – I am a Night Person – I like to stay up late – I hate to get up early) and then waking up at 5:45AM. Then doing it all over again tomorrow.

As rough as talking all day long is on the human psyche and physical body (cancer gets me down a bit), I love every second. As rude as teens can be, they can be equally sweet. They’re charming, little, almost-adults trying to find their way and grow into personalities that are still way too big for their spongy brains. Throughout the year I get to know about 150 fourteen year olds. They are all so different. Some kids are dynamic as all get out. Others are shy. Some are cocky, some are strong, a few are sullen. Some of them blow me away with the stuff they say. Getting to know them is a blast.

(I like the whole teacher / apple thing. Apples are delicious.)

Good night, Loyal Reader. Here’s to tomorrow, wherein Mr. Calvillo will begin intense instruction and get back to work capturing imaginations (and get extra tired in doing so).


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