Turns Out, Colds Are Good For Me?

Maybe. Nothing is conclusive (is it ever?), but I was digging around on the world wide web and I came across a few interesting articles. My throat has been a little scratchy and I wanted to see if I have anything to worry about what with the cancer. I fully expected doom and gloom. Amazingly, the first few hits on Google deal with the cold virus as a potential cancer killer. It seems that the people who work on these things have been working on it for some time.

They postulate that the cold virus attacks cancer cells and replicates within them until all that remains are cold viruses. If this works, the cold virus could be altered to prevent side effects – science can even make the little bugger side effect free – and a simple inoculation could go to work on those pesky cancer cells. Killer. Sign me up.

(Ohhh pretty… Oh, wait… That’s cancer! Yuck!)

Unfortunately, Big Medicine is all about Big Money. So as long as there are $$$s to be made treating disease, that disease will thrive. Best believe.

Here’s the info summed up nicely in a 2004, Ladies Home Journal article.

Here it is a little more scientific-like from a newsreport that posted last year.

All of this stuff actually bores me to death, but since I got the illin’ illness I gotta pay attention here and there. Oh, and I’m definitely gonna check out the latest cancer-movie, 50/50 (written by an actual cancer survivor). Will it suck? Probably. Dramedy’s are tough to pull off. The balance is usually tipped one way or the other and things just feel wrong. Still, I’ll go.

I’m definitely going to watch BUCKY LARSON first. Those commercial’s with Adam Sandler’s buddies are awesome. Nick Swardson is pretty great too.

Play around with the BUCKY LARSON YouTube channel and watch a few clips.

Hey look! Here’s one now…


One Response to “Turns Out, Colds Are Good For Me?”

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