Avatarded Miscellany

What? No comments on BUCKY LARSON? I thought yesterday’s post was going to blow up the ENTIRE Internet and LARSON would go on to outmatch AVATAR’s box office records!

Kidding, kidding.

And it’s all good because I LOVE me some AVATAR. That movie, for all of its cheesy clichés, rules.



(The major reason AVATAR is great. Alas, one of the many reasons why CONAN was not so great…)

Still, IMHO, LARSON is going to make far less than it deserves. Or maybe not. Usually Sandler’s off-shoots, you know, the projects he gives to his friends, tank pretty hard and then end up making a killing on video, achieving some sort of cult status. They’re watched by party people forever and ever. It’s not such a bad fate for a movie. Ten years from now, some goober will giggle and ask you or someone you know, “Ever seen, Bucky Larson? Oh, man, it’s so awesome…he, he, he, ha, he, he…” (or however them stoner-types laugh it up).

Not much else going in blah-blah land tonight, Loyal Reader. I could write-up some more literary analysis (on my work or someone else’s) or talk music, or movies, but then, I’m off to a late start and I’m more in the mind to chill out than hammer away at the keyboard.

But I gotta give you something…




I got it!



Good news on the short fiction front, Loyal Reader! The weird / creepy story I wrote for that invite anthology made the cut! Yep! Mr. Editor Man let me know yesterday. The Sad, Not-So-Sad, Ballad of Goat Head Jean, Ambivalent Devil Queen has officially been accepted and will see publication soon. When the details go up, I’ll provide the proper linkage. I’m sharing a TOC with Graham Masterton and John Shirley (among others), so regardless of how my story is received, the book should rock.

BTW, the anthology is called ZIPPERED FLESH (no links just yet). Catchy, huh? The unsettling theme is body augmentation gone wrong. Goat Head Jean tackles breast implants (the most obvious of subjects, right?), but takes things in wholly unexpected directions. I’m satisfied with how the overall story came out and I can’t wait to see what y’all think. I was going for pure, unadulterated mortification, so if the piece has you holding your hand over your mouth and crinkling your brow in…well…mortifying horror, I’ve done my job. Maybe I’ll read it aloud at Killercon 3 (soon!).



(Be there or be…square!)

Speaking of which… My new novella 7BRAINS is officially launching at Killercon 3. Burning Effigy is throwing a party in honor of their new releases and I am among the honored! Cool! I can’t say much more about the book until then, but never fear, you’ll hear plenty about crushing loss and devouring brains and The New Evolution soon enough. Burning Effigy does inexpensive (beautifully crafted) chapbooks, so this one won’t break the bank either. When the time come to order it, hell, order two and give one to someone you hate (or love).

’til tomorrow…


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