Yay! New TV Day!

We’re replacing our beast of a bedroom TV for a sleek, thin, new model. The old beast is a 37″ Toshiba HDTV that came out before HDMI cables became the HD standard. The set gets HD through component cables. I’m the type to not really quibble over a so-slight-you-almost-can’t-see-it difference between a component fed picture as opposed to a HDMI powered set. I notice with my video game consoles, but cable TV looks good either way.

Still, the beast has a giant, heavy-as-hell tube and the TV takes at least three strong men to lug it from its cradle atop a chest of drawers. The density factor has had us eyeing a new bedroom TV for some time.

(Go ahead, lift me. I dare you. I’ll break your back, humanoid!)

Our living room set isn’t too far from a replacement and we’ve been considering a large set (60″ or greater) for our home theater. I can’t wait to jump on this purchase (probably around Christmas). The new, large, LED LCD and plasma sets come equipped with Wi-Fi and an array of built-in apps. Their pictures are unreal. Sharp. Sexy. Sharp. Drool.

And you know what? TVs are frigging cheap! Our home theater set (another Toshiba, this one a 62″ HDTV DLP) cost like 4,000 bucks five years ago. New TVs of the same ilk (with phenomenally advanced tech running the show) are 1,500 dollars or less. Crazy. I can spend 2,000 dollars for a 70″ with all the bells and whistles. Not bad at all.

Considering how often our TVs get used, and then considering that we keep them for an average of five years, that’s a pretty great deal.

(The latest member of our happy, little family.)

Even cooler, COSTCO (the only place you should buy big-ticket items), offers a two-year standard warranty beyond the included, one year clause. For 99 bucks you can by three more years, giving your shiny new idiot box, five years of protection!

Technology is ridiculous. I love it when microchips swing things in our favor.


(Look at you, you sexy beast!)



In any case, our new bedroom TV is a 46″ Magnavox LCD HDTV. We got a super deal. It’s nice and thin, with a bright, sharp picture. Sundays in bed, watching cable, playing with my iPad, lazing about, are going to be even more awesome.

Night, Loyal Reader!




Robo coolness!


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  1. Appreciate tthe recommendation. Let me try it out.

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