Hey Look! I’m An E-book! (Get With It, Humanoids!)

You know, Loyal Reader, I’ve published five books. Five! And when each release came out I did a real strong promotional push. I posted all over social media and banged my drum as loud as I could.

I still have swag from each release – postcards, Hershey Nugget chocolates with tiny book covers printed on them, magnets, and I still bring them to every convention. And then at the conventions I read, and smile, and meet interesting folks, and (hopefully) sell some books (and buy some books too).

In all this time of promo-ing this or that, I have never once posted about or blogged about my e-books.


I feel like I’m late to the party.

($3.99 are you out of your mind? Heck no! This sucker only costs $3.99!)

Three of my releases have e-editions in addition to their hardcover or trade paperback counterparts. I’ve known that they’ve been there, hanging out in cyberspace, waiting for a buyer, but since I don’t like reading on the computer as much as I enjoy holding a real book, I haven’t placed much attention upon, or even bothered pushing the digital stuff.

My publishers are too busy publishing to do much promotion. The e-book markets post them there for you to click upon and download, but they don’t do much to promote individual releases either. I want to get the word out there, but I don’t want to pay for any of this. A BLOG and a Facebook page are all I need. I hope. But then, I have you, Loyal Reader, and you’ll help in spreading the good word. Right?

Enter the iPad. My wife and daughter brought me one for Father’s day last.  I love it. There are some interesting games (ARMY OF DARKNESS DEFENSE is free and it rocks!). Some cool work apps – like Microsoft Word and such. And then, after a few months of playing with it, I finally stumbled upon online comics and e-books.


They look so slick on the iPad’s beautiful screen. And they’re cheap! My e-bookshelf currently contains books by Weston Ochse and lots of free classics – The Odyssey, a complete Poe anthology, The Art Of War.

Just yesterday, the little bulb went off in my head. It signified an awakening.

Holy crap!

I have e-books that can look this good! And they do look good. They look great in the bright iPad light. The cover and interior art is in place. You get the whole book experience for a fraction of the cost. My e-books are budget, baby. You can get BLOOD & GRISTLE, AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT, and BLEED FOR YOU, for as low as $2.99! You can also grab a short story I wrote called THERE’S NO PLACE IN A SLEEPING WORLD FOR A WAKEFUL MAN for  only 2 bucks!

(I’m only $4.99! Yes!)

I think the iPad has really pushed this e-reading to the next level. Screw the Kindle. It’s archaic architecture is nowhere near as exquisite as iPad’s iBooks. Your computer bookshelf is a beautiful thing. The book covers pop all vibrant and artsy. I can actually touch one of my covers and dive into this digital age.

I still prefer books, but my eyes have finally been opened. I was leery and sort of quietly waiting for my rights to revert so I could work out a better digital contract and then push the books and hope to turn a profit after conventions and promotion, but the future is now. It’s time to mobilize.

So then, if you like the cut of my jibe (yep!), and you feel me on this digital book thing, then why not grab your iPad and spend twelve bucks on three of my works. I guarantee you’ll find them interesting. Will you love them and memorize cool, flashy paragraphs of smooth talking prose? Will you get lost? Will you give into the dark? Will you ride the snake? Ride the snake, ride the snake to the lake, the ancient lake, baby. The snake is long, seven miles. Ride the snake…he’s old, and his skin is cold...(thanks, Jim).

($2.99 for twenty stories and accompanying art.)

Anyway follow the appropriate links (click on either the book covers or hyperlinked print) and let’s see what we can do in sales.

Okay, Loyal Reader, I appreciate your loving support. I promise to write you a masterpiece one of these days. Deal ?


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