At long last…It’s here! The Official Big Announcement: I can finally tell you a bit about 7BRAINS! Burning Effigy Press, 7BRAINS’ publisher, made things Official right here.

(Oh yeah! I wonder what it tastes like?)

The cover, by Frank Walls (one of the BEST dark artists out there), is gooey, goopy gross! It fits the demented narrative beautifully. And I can assure you the story and its layouts are prisitine. Burning Effigy gave the book a couple of deep, deep edits. Everything reads beautifully. We crushed a billion typos and then a billion more.

We’re bound to find something in the end product, but our initial defense led an intense, pre-emptive strike and we obliterated most of them. Things read like butter. Oh yeah.

Here’s to Burning Effigy’s thorough work. They take the editorial side of things seriously. Recent works look equally impressive. Click the links to check the art for Nate Southard’s THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, Maria Alexander’s AT LOUCHE END, and Tobin Elliot’s VANISHING HOPE. Cool, huh?

Okay then, 7BRAINS. check out the cover copy for a breakdown:

Humanity is on the cusp of a New Evolution. Yep! Pure Emotion has curdled and given way to empty solutions, a gilded edge of bling-bling exteriors masking Rampant Corruption, Souring Evil, and Internal Pollution.

Our hero, Malcolm, the reluctant man with a reluctant plan, purpose fluttering in his chest from zero to a million miles an hour in seconds flat, holds the keys to the kingdom of light. All he has to do is eat seven lovely brains and set things right. He’s got a hacksaw, and a hammer, and a set of determined, pearly whites. Can he usher in hope before the imminent descent of everlasting night?

Now hold on. You can’t order it just yet. It won’t go live live, until it goes on sale officially, officially at Killercon 3, September 22nd, 2011. When it does go live it will be an inexpensive chapbook. It will be significantly cheaper than hardcover limiteds like DEATH & DESIRE IN THE AGE OF WOMEN or AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT. You could definitely afford more than one if that’s the route you’re going down ;-).

The first copies will be sold at Killercon 3 and then once I get back I’ll bang the drum a bit and try to sell some books via Facebook and WordPress. It’ll be lots of fun launching it. If you pick up a copy, a quick review, posted mostly anywhere on the Internet, will make you eligible to win a $55 copy of DEATH & DESIRE IN THE AGE OF WOMEN. Just send me a link and you’re in (warning: deadline: October 31st, 2011).

Anyway, as alluded to above, 7 BRAINS is a novella about one man’s descent into madness as he reluctantly tries to usher in a New Evolution, an ambivalent, primordial force that will annhilate our current state of being and propel our souls into an uncertain future.

Magic like this doesn’t just happen over night, Loyal Reader. Our hero must accomplish a number of tasks to bring upon this instant evolution. In a nutshell, he has to eat 7 special Brains to align the Fates and get time spinning.

I think the effort came out very interesting. Heck, you may very well love it! But then, you’ll never know unless you follow me and keep on the alert for the all-important Official, Official Big Announcement.

Whew, I tell you, I am in awe of the process. Whenever a new book comes out I get nervous and excited! I can’t wait to see what y’all think…


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