Killing It At Killercon 3

Ever since I was a wee lad, I’ve wanted to be a performer. I like the limelight. I want to affect humble. I don’t want to come off as some arrogant jerk-face, but I do enjoy doing my thing. It’s one of the reasons I love teaching. Day in and day out I’ve got a captive audience upon which I can try out new material. I joke. I rap. I rant. Loyal Reader, I aim to entertain!

I’ve had the little bug all my life. From talent shows, to lip synch, to rawking it in bands, to readings, to teachings – I’m an animal!

So, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to my Killercon 3 Reading. Now, I know very few of you will actually be in Vegas this weekend, but if you’re among the lucky group who will be living it up in Sin City, I’d love to dazzle you with a rapid-fire barrage of gloriously profane, horrible, awful, gory, ghoulish storytelling. Expect spastic convulsions and a near-uncontrollable, literary smackdown!


(Show up and see what other combos I can come up with…)


This pictograph says it all, right?

In addition to the very real possibility of your head exploding, the moment you step through those doors, my lovely wife, Michelle, will greet you and give you a raffle ticket. If you make it through the performance in one, fleshy piece, you may even win (I so hope YOU do) a hardcover limited of the sold out DEATH & DESIRE IN THE AGE OF WOMEN, or BLEED FOR YOU, or a trade paperback of BLOOD & GRISTLE.

Nice, huh?

Okay then, Party People, travel safe. We’ll meet up in the desert. I’ll see you on Friday, at 11:30am, somewhere in the Stratosphere, if I don’t see you somewhere else first.



3 Responses to “Killing It At Killercon 3”

  1. Wish we could be there! I know you will kill it, and hope you guys have a great time in the desert!

  2. Just another of the many, many reasons I miss Vegas. Wish I could be there, have a blast, man!

  3. Thanks, guys. Really looking forward to getting away…

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