Mush Brain

Screenwriting is…different. I love writing novels and novellas. Man, I can flow. I can spin that magic, but a screenplay gets me going in a different way. There’s a different momentum and rhythm to the writing.

Right now I’m working on a screenplay that interlocks three, interconnected, but separate stories. They move out of order and I have to jumble timelines. Did Protagonist A do X before Protagonist B did Y?

Get it?

It’s kind of confusing.

But I got this. No worries.

But my brain?


Pure mush.

I’ll pull myself from the muck soon enough. The end is in sight and it’s looking to be a doozey. The coolest part is my director / partner / filmmaker guru is shooting this thing in a matter of weeks. That means I gotta go and get back to work. After some food, my brain will be ready to crack the third act.

’til tomorrow, Loyal Reader.

(Getting my groove on!)


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