Trying To Sneak One By, Eh?

No. Of course not. I am one blog post behind schedule so I have to do this quick post to catch up.

My brother is visiting so I should get off the computer and hang out.

Here is a quick link back to an earlier blog that melted my heart into a pool of pure jelly. Presenting (again)…Sofia!!!

My wife and I went to see the cancer comedy 50/50Seth Rogen is super enjoyable as the cool, best friend. He’s the funniest dude alive. The lead, the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is good. I could relate to a lot of the stuff what with my own cancer experiences. The movie does a good job of conveying what it’s like. They don’t over do it or get too sentimental. Recommended!

So go see a movie with a loved one – whatever you’re doing, it’ll improve your mood.

Okay, go watch my niece’s video one more time. Listen to the way she enunciates and try not to smile your face in half.

(I’m glad I never shaved my head. Despite some gnarly treatment, my hair actually hung in there. It’s getting thicker and fuller as we speak, enhancing my devilishly good looks!)


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