Scream Writer

My work is done.


I ALWAYS have new work nibbling at the base of my brain.

I’ll start another project tomorrow (I gotta write a new novel), but at this very moment I am done with my screenwriting duties on the now-in-production ATHENA (like us on Facebook, please).

(An interesting still from ATHENA)

My first produced screenplay.


I’ve done a couple of shorts. Three by the same director, my homie, Robert W. Filion. He does good work and gets better and better with each new short he puts out. The three I wrote – CHEKHOV’S CHILDREN, DUMMY (no link), and THE PROMISE JAR are pretty cool little films.

But ATHENA? ATHENA is something special. It started as a short, thirty-minute film about one guy’s inability to get over his wife’s death and finds help from a brain-infesting little parasite. It was quirky, and kind of gross, and fun. Robert has been wanting to do a feature for sometime. He wants to get that career going (he’s got skills) so he figures the time is now. I’m with it. Let’s get our art out there. Let’s be heard.

Books are excellent. I love reading and writing them, and I love that the books I write are actually being read. Hundreds have taken the plunge, but my vision wants to haunt thousands, and hundreds of thousands, and more.

A feature has that potential.

(Magic, Loyal Reader, pure magic)

I knocked out two more segments in the ATHENA universe and wove them together with the original short. It jumps around and plays with time ala PULP FICTION. As much as the writer in me wanted to put in title cards with clever titles, breaking the film into chapters, and giving it a literary feel, boxing in sequences, I held off and kept it all visual.

When we transition between segments we simply fade, or wipe, or whatever, and then we let the story-line dictate time and place. It’s exciting.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about sound. I like musical cues – mini-refrains that can be used throughout the film to tie scenes to other scenes. Audio poetry. I love it. I love motifs.

Still, I gotta shut up. All of that stuff is Robert’s job. The writer has to let it go and hope the pages translate to the screen. I think this one is going to work. I think people are gonna dig it. It has a mass appeal to its horrific set pieces. There’s lots of blood, and limbs, and gore, but the in-between talking is funny and sometimes…insightful. Sometimes little nuggets of wisdom just spill out.

That’s the best part about screenwriting. Things have to move faster than in a novel and little sound bytes of poetry manage to creep their way in. If Robert’s actors can pull it off just right, this thing can take us places.

I hope you come along for the ride.

Action, Loyal Reader, action!


2 Responses to “Scream Writer”

  1. Three things excite me about this:

    (1) You having written it
    (2) The title
    (3) That mask

    Color me a fan!

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