The Nest

Our new house is coming together. Michelle and Deja are kicking butt. Things are getting put away, furniture is being arranged, drapes are going up. It’s nice having our place come together.

This weekend we are having our annual Halloween party. It’s nice because we get to see all of our friends. For some of us, the Halloween party is the only time of year we get to hang out. It’s usually a great night.

Costumes are mandatory and we have a contest to see whose is the best.

Lots of my friends are musicians. We like to play music in the garage. It’s loud and I think it is going to be even louder here the way the garage and the house interlock. The garage shares part of the living room wall. That puts more pressure on the musicians to play better, to rock a party, because there isn’t a louder music source to keep the party going. Sometimes, with lots of different guitarists trying to vibe with one another, it gets chaotic. Once we get in sync it’s great, but then we fall out and…yuck!

I gotta get into the garage and help my wife set it up for band use. The drums are good, but we need to set up amps and guitars.

Oh, how I love Halloween.

Check this out:

See you later, Loyal Reader. I’m gonna eat some of this:

(Yum, yum, gonna gobble you up!)



2 Responses to “The Nest”

  1. I was thinking I might (finally) replace those drum heads. Any idea their measurements? Sad that I don’t remember, I know…

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