Party Animals

The haunt is going down on Saturday. Once a year, we go all out and have a Halloween party for friends and family. They’re usually pretty successful. Everyone has a great time. I also look forward to a little jamming in the garage. Like I said, it’s a once a year thing. It’s not often that we can all get together. The sucky part is that it has been a year. My rock skills are as rusty as my old guitar strings.

Never fear. If I get the energy, I’ll spend the next two days warming up.


(Odysseus rocking the mic)

It’s weird, because sometimes the jam consumes us and the groove is mean. Sometimes we fall out of synch and have to get through some noisy chaos before falling back in line. I like playing oldies and fun, easy rock jams – no finger melting metal or atonal feedback, just funky blues and bluesy funk. Sometime we get ambitious and go metal, but it always ends badly. Simple, catchy blues riffs, and a body moving beat, work well in a party setting.

Sometime we’ll pluck out a little funk rhythm and ride it for twenty minutes, taking turns soloing. It’s crazy fun and I’m super excited. I’m gonna make a six song playlist and print the music so we can take a minute and get it together. When I was young, forget it. I’d never stop to read some music and get in tune. I’d hold a fist to the drummer and then rip it up – hyper, fast, easy speed metal – Motorhead style groovin’, Nirvana-like power chords keeping up the 4/4.

But now I’m old and frail. I’m only 37. That not too bad, but I feel old. Man, oh, man Loyal Reader, I like to be in bed by 1 or 2AM at the very, very latest (on a weekend that is – during the week, it’s all about 10:30PM or bust).

Sometimes these things go on until 4 or 5AM!

I can’t take it!

(Me and mine back in the day and then last year. Man, we look awesome!)

Alas, I’ll try my hardest to stay up. I’m gonna outlast my guests. Then I’ll crawl into bed and sleep until four in the afternoon.

Then, Loyal Reader, then, I’ll reminisce and begin the long, cold wait until next year’s jam return to liven up our lives. Until then, I’m partying early and going to bed at a decent hour.

May you have a rocking Halloween!


4 Responses to “Party Animals”

  1. Party hearty Calvillos…

    • Forever and ever. You and yours are welcome as well. should Saturday be free and you want to come on out, message me and we’ll set up.

      They’ll be a few horror writers in attendance – like a con party, but much, much, much, much better 😉

      In addition to the live jam session we have a wicked karaoke setup too. It’s time to howl at the moon!

  2. Sounds cool, I’m jealous. Any plans to document any of the jamming on video? I’d love to see it. What kind of guitar are you rockin’ these days anyway?

  3. Man, I wish you could be here. I’d love to jam with you after all of these years.

    I’m currently playing two – a bright red Fender Strat (for that easy action) and a pretty Hohner Rockwood (looks like a Les Paul) for that deep, bluesy bottom.

    Both were mid-priced deals (about 400 bucks each). They have their issues (don’t they all), but they sound really nice.

    Ideally, I got get myself an actual Les Paul. I want one of those gold burst beauties (that run about 2K!).

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