The Fertile Sands Of Imagination (An Evil Teaser)

I love it when I get a new idea. I got one this afternoon. That little light bulb went off and poof! There’s a whole idea just begging to be written out. It’s not fully cooked. I haven’t even told my wife (who is going to ask me about it as soon as she’s done reading this!). But a lot of it is ready and waiting. I even got a fancy name that sums the whole thing up. It’s catchy. And it creates a whole, new world with a few striking words. I can’t spell it out just yet, but I am sure it’s a keeper. I wrote a few paragraphs and it’s feeling good.


(Here I go, here I go, here I go again...)

Sometimes I get so burnt out I can’t even get my brains to hold my eyelids up. Other times, I get so charged, I can’t help but to stare wide-eyed at overflowing capability.

A little suspense then. The Idea will manifest soon. Once I work out a few kinks I’ll spill.

Okay, back to dreaming…


This is your id. You know you dream this too…


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