Let’s begin with a mantra:

Welcome to the eye of the bleeding storm.

2012 rears its goat-like head.

The words are building.

I am reborn.


(Where you been?)

Whew! What’s up, Loyal Reader? Happy 2012! I took a nice, looong holiday vacation. Work let out and I simply stopped writing. I was vacationing, seriously. But now I’m back and anxious to start chunking my days into structured blocks of lesson planning, writing, and chilling. My soul craves this restoration of order. It’s vegged out for too long. It doesn’t like getting up early (like I have to do tomorrow), but it is so glad to be back at it.

Well then, it’s been a long day. We went to work, then treatment, then we buried a saint who will be forever missed, and we sat and reminisced, and we shared fond memories about a lifetime well spent.

It’s been kind of emotional.

See you tomorrow.



3 Responses to “Rebirth”

  1. Glad you’re back, man!

  2. spring

    Rebirth | Michael Louis Calvillo Must Be Destroyed

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