Award Season

Award season is upon us, Loyal Reader! I love award season! The Academy, The Golden Globes, The Emmy, The Grammy, VH1 Special Awards, whatever, I’m hooked.

I write about pop culture because I like to read about pop culture. I went to the bathroom at my sister’s house and was pleased to discover she subscribes to PEOPLE. The magazine is written in such a conversational style, I often feel that it is talking directly to me. It’s a neat effect. Addictive, even.

In any case, in Horror Writer Land there are enough writers and readers to hold an annual, official, awards gala. It’s called The Bram Stoker Awards. Presented by the HWA, The Horror Writer’s Association, The Bram Stoker Awards is kind of like the Academy Awards for the Horror Writer Set. They’re fun and exciting for me and my people (what do you mean your people?). That I’ve been nominated three times helps. It’s actually my favorite award show on the planet, but I’m a bit biased.

(My people!)

My first novel, the nightmarish fever-dream, I WILL RISE, nabbed a Superior Achievement nomination for Best First Novel back in 2008 (for works from 2007). I lost. The competition was fierce. In the end, nothing could stop Joe Hill’s, debut, Heart-Shaped Box, from kicking IWR’s whiny butt all over the universe. The other two finalists hoping to best Hill, Mary SanGiovanni (The Hollower) and John Little (The Memory Tree), put out rock solid books as well.

The next year my short-story, Consumed (from Horror Library Vol.3), made the prelim, but didn’t advance any further. Same goes for the following year when my second novel, AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT, made it to the prelims, but not the final. That was a major bummer. I really, really dig I WILL RISE and I am grateful for the recognition its nomination brought it, but FATE is more of a personal, emotional book, it felt award worthy, but not enough people read it to make a dent and move it on to the final ballot. I’m looking forward to doing another edition in the future. Paperback and affordable so more folks can check it out. We’ll see…

Last year my collection, BLOOD & GRISTLE, got nominated. I was officially a two-time finalist. There was no way I could expect, or even want to beat Stephen King. There is no possible way my books are better. I like them. They do what they do well. They’re good, trust me Loyal Reader, my books are much prettier than this bloggy talk, they’ve got stuff to say (and designs to scare you). But, Stephen King? No way. He is like our modern-day Mark Twain. He is America.  That’s like me trying to write a song about America better than Bruce Springsteen.

(Much, much cooler than an Oscar!)

Now that 2012 is underway, we are set to honor the works published throughout 2011. So happens my novella 7BRAINS made the final ballot for Superior Achievement in the Long Fiction category. My competition isn’t just fierce. It’s ferocious. John Little (this makes Round 2 for John and I going head-to-head – we are forever locked in mortal combat!), Gene O’Neill, Peter StraubCaitlin Kiernan, Brain Hodge. Sheesh!

Best case scenario for moi? Everybody cancels and crosses each other out like the gunfight at the end of Reservoir Dogs and then I sneak away with the Haunted House like Mr. Pink with the diamonds (though I think he gets shot outside…)

If you haven’t given it a look yet, buy a copy of 7BRAINS. It’s $8! Cheap! And it’s short. You’ll jam through it.

Congrats to all those on the final ballot! Good luck to each and every one of you! Here’s the final ballot in all of its glory. Follow the link. Some great reading is represented…

Ever wondered how Horror Writer’s get down? Kinda of like this…


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