He’s Got the Moves Like Tupac

In an effort to honor my dear husband’s blog, I have decided to do my best to keep up with his promotions, updates, and reviews for him here. Michael was such a prolific writer that he left behind 8 completed novels and 4 novellas yet to be published, among a bank of short stories and poems. So, Michael’s Loyal Readers, be prepared for “hope in the midst of chaos” and maybe, just maybe, one day a rapping hologram of MC Mischief will put Tupac’s “resurrection” to shame.
In the meantime, we have Michael’s re-release of I WILL RISE to look forward to. Here is an announcement I posted on Facebook:
In hind sight, Michael’s health was declining when he received word that a second edition of I WILL RISE would be published by Dark Fuse. We were at Loma Linda Medical Center and although he was being poked, prodded, and was sick as hell, he was elated and eager to get home to work on his I WILL RISE revisions. I can’t tell you how much happiness it gave me to see him full of fire once again. I WILL RISE was Michael’s first published novel in 2007 (Lachesis Press) and was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. He was so happy to see this re-release coming together. The limited hard covers will include tribute pieces written by authors he considered great writers… and dear friends. If you’re interested, read the link to see how you can get a limited hardcover, trade paperback, or e-book copy! ~Michelle Stockdale-Calvillo
There are currently only 32 limited hardcovers remaining for purchase, but trade paperbacks and ebooks will be available for order September 25th. Please visit Dark Fuse’s site to get more details and/or order your copy.

Cover by Frank Walls

In true Michael form… I humbly leave you with a video of the infamous Tupac hologram performance. (Warning: As if you didn’t already know, Tupac is not for the kiddies.)


7 Responses to “He’s Got the Moves Like Tupac”

  1. Justin Bird Says:

    Hey, um, my name is Justin, I was one of Mr. Calvillo’s students in both my 9th and 10th grade years (This last year would have been my senior year, but I took the CHSPE to get out a year early after my junior year).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say, Mr. Calvillo was the greatest teacher I ever had, and when my friend told me what happened, I spent about an hour or so just walking up and down the streets around my house trying my best not to cry (not to much avail).

    A couple years ago, Mr. Calvillo let me borrow a Star Wars book, and I never ended up reading it, but I started the day after I heard (about half way done) and… I know it was his, so it really should go to you when I finish, but… would you mind if I kept it to remember him by?

    And on my final note, I came up with an idea for a book after reading I Will Rise, but I never got around to writing it, but I started after I heard and I will be dedicating it to him. For when I finish, can I have an address so I can mail it to you? I would really be honored if you would be the first to read it. Mr Calvillo was my inspiration to write…

    P.S. I’m not even really sure what to say… “I’m sorry for your loss” just seems so generic. I’m really at a loss for words… he was a great teacher and friend, and the only person I really ever looked up to in this world. He was… no, IS my all means my role model. I can’t even begin to know how this must be for you… He was a great man and he will be missed, and none of us will ever forget him.

    • Justin Bird Says:

      Oh if only there were an edit button… BY all means, not my…
      The writer in me just had to fix that…

    • Hi Justin,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate that you shared the impact my husband, Mr. Calvillo, had on you. He would be so happy to know that you are taking an interest in reading Star Wars. Please keep the book, I know he would want you to. He always loved to be the one to expose young people to the “force!”

      Beyond that, he would be absolutely thrilled to know that he has inspired you to write. I wish you much success and enjoyment in mastering the craft of writing. Whenever you complete your draft, please feel free to send it my way. I would honored to give it a first read.

      Please take care and keep in touch,

      Michelle Stockdale-Calvillo

  2. Peggy Neville-Otero Says:

    I am very grateful to Mr. Calvillo. He helped my son, Peter Otero, in so many ways. Peter just came up to me to tell me he just learned about his death. Those who were his students were inspired by Mr. Calvillo in so many ways.

    Peter started to really write (more than a one word answer or short sentence to a question or writing prompt) after Mr. Calvillo’s classes. With Mr. Calvillo’s encouragement, Peter is now reading more and more each day (especially mythology type books and “reading the actual book instead of a movie). Peter also watches movies as he did in Mr. Calvillo’s Cinema as Lit class with praises and thoughtful critisms. (In fact, whenever a new horror flick comes out Peter says, “Mom, I know you won’t like it, but I wonder if it will be good enough to be shown in Mr. Calvillo’s Cinema’s class, or if Mr. Calvillo’s will even like it?”) Peter has fellow classmates from his various high schools (6 in total) were in awe to have not only a class with “lots of horror movies” but also a published writer.

    I always had excellent contact/conversations with Mr. Calvillo, and he was one of a few teacher who actually “got” my son.

    “MC Mischief” may not have a hologram, but he has a legacy of kids he taught at Lakeside High School in Lake Elsinore, CA. He will surely be missed by those who knew him and those he taught.

    Mr. Calvillo, I want to thank you for inspiring my son and being such a great teacher and mentor to him.

    Peggy Neville-Otero

    • Justin Bird Says:

      Oh, hey! Um, I suppose this is a very odd place to be bringing this up, but Peter is my friend (met him in Mr. Calvillo’s class our freshman year, but never really started talking to him a lot until last year). Anyway, I took the CHSPE and got out a year early (persuaded a bit by Mr. Calvillo) and I haven’t seen him since. Would I be able to get a phone number or something so I can stay in touch?

    • Ms. Neville-Otero,

      Thank you so much for sharing the impact my dear husband had on your son. It truly means a lot to our family.

      Take good care,

      Michelle Stockdale-Calvillo

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