Old Man Rock

I love me some music. I try to play it (not too well). I raptly listen to it (not too loud). And I collect it (not too discerningly). Used to be that I’d hit the record stores once a week. I’d comb the used racks, seeking out gems that I read about in SPIN or NME or ROLLING STONE. Once I got out of Victorville, Ca (the quintessential dead-end hometown – no offense Victorvillians), I found awesome used record stores in mostly every town I settled down in.

While living in the High Desert, I’d have to scrounge enough gas money to travel 40 miles or so to Rhino Records near the Claremont colleges or The Mad Platter in Riverside, Ca (R.I.P). In Reno, NV (where I spent three aimless years), I shopped at Recycled Records, a great little shop that sported a large selection of indie discs. If I wanted an obscure import from a fairly obscure band, say a Flesh for Lulu import from an early 80s European concert date, damned if RR didn’t stock it. After getting married, I moved to Northern California and found Used Disc Nirvana at Rasputin Records (Berkley and Concord, Ca) and Ameoba Records (San Francisco, Ca). Then I “grew up” (real homelife and a real job and real responsibility) and the whole MP3 explosion exploded and my weekly trips to the used bins ceased. Now, when I want some fresh jams, I search iTunes (I refuse to provide a link for the easiest entity to find on all of the Internet). It’s effective, I get my music, but not nearly as fun. Oh well. This technology thing is a double edged sword is it not?

Michelle and I tried to recapture a bit of that heady glory this afternoon. We waltzed into the local Best Buy (no indie record stores ’round here) and spent fifty bucks on some new music. We do this a couple times a year. It’s not nearly as cool as when we used to take weekly trips to the seemingly endless used racks (flipping through title after title in search of something…invigorating…and cheap). Still, browsing Best Buy’s moderate CD stock satisfies those old cravings and keeps us rocking along. We picked up, ARCADE FIRE – FUNERAL, MY MORNING JACKET – CIRCUITAL, and BAD MEETS EVIL (Eminem and Royce da 5’9″) – HELL: THE SEQUEL. I can’t really comment as of yet – we just loaded up the disc changer and the music has yet to settle in, but when I feel it, I ‘ll let y’all know.

Speaking of which – our last spree yielded, KANYE WEST – MY BEAUTIFUL, DARK, TWISTED FANTASY, THE BLACK KEYS – BROTHERS, RADIOHEAD – THE KING OF LIMBS , and ADELE – 21. And in case you were wondering… Kanye, The Keys, and good, old, reliable Radiohead are flipping fantastic (a full Kanye review is coming soon). Adele? Meh. I like her big single, Rolling in the Deep, but the album itself? Like my wifey says, “She’s no Fiona Apple.” That she’s not.

Okay, one last gasp = While waiting in the car (Michelle was off doing errands), I heard Head On by THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN on the radio (San Diego’s 91X) and was reminded how AUTOMATIC, their 1989 rocker, is one of my favorite albums of all time. I played the CD so much it up and shattered a few years back. I have the album on MP3, but haven’t listened to it in a while. If you’re jonesing for some good music and want something INCREDIBLE give them a listen…

Okay then, how about some comments? Maybe your latest music recommendation? How about your latest musical let down (damn you, Adele!)?


7 Responses to “Old Man Rock”

  1. Thanks for playing along, good sir. I’ll check those recs (and probably love them seeing as how you have impeccable taste in music!).

  2. Nice noise rock. I’d love to get up there and do some artsy jamming. Oh, and Wugazi? Freaking brilliant. Thanks again, Jeff. Two new artists to add to the collection.

    • Much obliged, sir. I don’t really consider ASIWYFA as noise rock, but I guess I’ll take it. I don’t want to engage in too much hyperbole here but, ASIWYFA are my favorite band. And not in a temporary way, either. More like in a “Move over, Radiohead” kind of way.

      And yes, absolutely, unequivocally, Wugazi gave me a wugasm when I heard it. Such a great idea.

  3. Radiohead will never move over! Though their last album was way too short, it still moves me like nothing else. Still, considering it was you that got me into Radiohead in the first place, I will take ASIWFYA seriously and plug them into the rotation…

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