Fair Food…

…is as crazy as anything I’ve ever encountered. They have deep fried butter! Butter?!!! They also fry Kool-Aide, frog’s legs (?), Oreoes, Klondike Bars, Avocados (doesn’t sound too bad), Twinkies, and a chicken sandwich with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for bread (holy crap!). What have we become? Lines remained steady all night. Since I would eat such food only if it were part of some Fear Factor like show for cash and prizes – there’s no way I’m paying $6.75 for Kool-Aide saturated puffs of fried batter – I kept it simple with a nice corndog.

(Fair goers love, love , love chocolate covered bacon. Seriously.)

My fam and I just got back from the OC Fair where we walked the midway, checked out the infomercial quality sales displays, and watched an awesomely joyous pig race. Afterwards, fair staff handed out coupons for free bacon (seriously). Those little running pigs are the cutest things on four legs. How can anyone fathom eating such an adorable beast? (to which I confess – I eat pork here and there – Michelle NEVER eats it, which curbs my pork intake, but I’ll wolf it down when I can get it).

(The coolest thing ever.)

I must apologize, Loyal Reader, other than my little rant on fried fair food, I’ve got nothing else. I’ve lured you over here for a post as light and airy as the middle of a Churro. Sorry. But I promised I’d write a blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. So here I am. It’s already two minutes after midnight and as much as I’d like to spend a few hours blogging on some topic or another (finding pictures, linking links), I have to spend the next hour decompressing and then heading off to bed. The missus and I are trying to temper how late we stay up. School is starting soon and we have to start getting up early!!!

Okay then, good night. Oh, and if you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to go back and read past blogs. Comment on them if you find them interesting and maybe we can discuss some stuff?

Fried bacon and gravy? Yum?


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