My Favorite Little Pimp

Katt Williams first surfaced upon my radar in the Ice Cube penned FRIDAY AFTER NEXT (2002). I had zero expectations for the film. The first movie is an urban classic, the second falls closer to the exact opposite of a classic (and we’ll leave it at that), the third installment steps it up considerablely, destroying round two’s inept brand of so-dumb-it’s-still-dumb-comedy and even nearing the original’s crass sublimity.

(An almost classic)

FRIDAY AFTER NEXT, takes place during the Christmas holiday, features a crack head Santa (who breaks in and takes presents from homes), and excels thanks to a trio of supporting performances that elevate the source material into something pretty Great. It gives the Great Mike Epps room to shine as Day-Day (his earnest dedication to his position as a “Top Flight” strip mall security guard is side splittingly funny), gives the equally Great Terry Crews some scene-stealing prison bitch moments, and gives Katt Williams a Great role as a pint-size clothing store owner who acts like a pimp (John Witherspoon is Great as well, but…well, I could go on and on…).

(The man in action)

Williams’ character, Money Mike, thinks he owns the world and isn’t afraid to talk trash while every one around him dismisses his put upon menace due to his stature. Many jokes are made at the expense of his height. But like our friend The Honey Badger – he don’t give a crap. He struts around like a man twice his size and talks in a rapid fire, nasally, southern drawl that gets me laughing before he puts out a complete sentence. The film character is served his (unfair, I say) comeuppance (off screen) courtesy of the muscle bound Crews (SEMI-SPOILER: who Money Mike ends up leading around with a pair of vice grips firmly fastened to bigger man’s junk). No matter, whereas FRIDAY AFTER NEXT’s Money Mike is a cagey little motormouth, Katt Williams the comic rips it up. Mostly.

I’ve watched a number of his stand-up specials, AMERICAN HUSTLE: THE MOVIE (2007), IT’S PIMPIN’ PIMPIN’ (2009), and they’re entertaining, but the stand out of his prolific output is definitely THE PIMP CHRONICLES Pt.1 (2006). From bling (a piece on a Chrysler 300 vs. a Phantom is awesome), to haters, to Michael Jackson (pre-death), Williams is on fire. Lucky me, my wife learned that Williams is playing at a nearby improve, so I’ll get to catch his show live in a few weeks. Here’s to hoping he outdoes himself.

Here’s the first fifteen minutes of THE PIMP CHRONICLES. Get through the Snoop intro and the stand up comedy kicks in…


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  1. […] to enjoy the weekend. My wife and I (plus good friends) are off to see Katt Williams (My Favorite Little Pimp) and eek every drop of fun out of our last few days that we can. I hope you do the same. […]

  2. 技术…

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