The Last Hurrah…

So it begins. Tonight kicks off the last weekend before school starts and I go back to working the day job. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be much of a big deal. It happens every year. Teaching has its perks – we help kids, enjoy nice holiday breaks, get off work early (2:30pm, oh yeah!), and then, of course, the Big Kahuna, we get two looong months of summer vacation. Except this year I’ve been off work since last December.

That’s right, I haven’t earned an honest day’s pay (other than from my writing) for almost nine months.

I don’t like to get into it on my blog (or much anywhere else for that matter), but I’ve had some health problems (it’s cancer – if you absolutely need to know the details you can message me personally and I’ll bore you to death with grim crap) and my doctor wouldn’t let me get back in the classroom.

(Staying home is no party.)

Fortunately (after a bit of begging and pleading), I’ve been given the green light. But now, the closer I get, the more I doubt and love my decision to return to work. Staying home is no picnic. It wears on you faster than you might imagine. Sleeping in every single day may sound like a beautiful dream, but when the world continues on without you, you start to miss the little things. Getting up and being somewhere because you have to be, because your livelihood, and the livelihood of your family is dependent upon it, is a powerful, gratifying thing. It kicks sloth’s lazy ass up and down the street.

I’ve been feeling pretty damned useless sleeping in till noon, then surfing the web, then playing video games, while my family gets up, and gets ready, and gets out there, to do what’s required of them. It’s nice to be required.

Still, as excited as I am to become a requirement again, I’m not looking forward to the return of alarm clocks. Though necessary, especially when I need to be up and ready by six in the morning, I loathe their insidious beeping, annoying squawking, soul destroying buzz. I’m definitely gonna miss waking naturally. I’m gonna miss falling back to sleep for as long as I want.

(Die! Die! Die!)

But alas, time marches on, diseases let up (thank the heavens), kids grow into high schoolers, teachers get back at it, and the world goes round and round.

Well then, I’m ready to enjoy the weekend. My wife and I (plus good friends) are off to see Katt Williams (My Favorite Little Pimp) and eek every drop of fun out of our last few days that we can. I hope you do the same. ’till tomorrow, Loyal Reader.


2 Responses to “The Last Hurrah…”

  1. Hey Mike! Just wanted to let you know I’ve been reading the blog and enjoying it a lot. I hope everything is OK healthwise now. I was thinking the other day about when the two of us would spend hours when I was supposed to be in class at your house in Spring Valley Lake meticulously editing together gory scenes from horror movies for our rock shows….on a freakin’ VCR no less!!! I think we were ahead of our time LOL. I guess this could/should have been a personal message, but oh well, too late now. Good luck getting back to work, and for god’s sake don’t stop writing!


  2. Jobee!!! Awesome! Man, if we had the Internet as it is now and the proper equipment back in the day, we would have ruled the world! I’ve managed to build myself a quasi-mini-empire with my writing and I credit the Internet a million percent! We were definitely born in the wrong time, my friend! With your guitar chops and our collective marketing skills / artistic vision… Oh well.

    It’s great to hear from you, man. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff – now that I know you are, I’ll drop some in-jokes and GRIMOIRE references.

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