In The Mood For Cheese

CRAZY STUPID LOVE is just that. It’s Crazy because it features unbelievable characters doing unbelievable things. It’s Stupid because coincidence, chance, and an extreme suspension of disbelief are required to follow many of the major plot points. Yet, it’s worth watching thanks to good, old Love.

A romantic comedy such as this really only needs to do two things to succeed. It needs to make us laugh (hence the comedy part of the equation) and it needs to raise a few flutters of aw-shucksy warmth. As crazy, stupid, earnest, as the film may be, it still does exactly what it sets out to do.

(This man will save your otherwise ridiculous film)

Mood probably has something to do with it. Sitting there with my bestest girl, holding hands, happy to be out of the house for an airy bit of fluff made things all the more pleasant. I”m forgiving a whole lot here, Loyal Reader.

Well hey, Steve Carell and his toothy charisma help. His dead-on timing makes the whole production go down a lot easier than had he not been the lead. There’s lots of screwy, situational comedy – unfortunately the twists and turns are as pedestrian and ho-hum as your typical television sitcom – but then, there are sweet moments, and genuinely funny bits, and I found myself smiling more than not.

Sometimes cheese satisfies in a way substance can’t.


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