Blog Star

Perez Hilton, slide your big butt over…MLC is in the house!

(no offense, Mr. Hilton, I just thought that was a funny opener.)

A news agency (of sorts – visit and see for yourself) pulled a quote from my blog review of the Katt Williams show at the Ontario, Ca, Improv on Friday night (Claws Out). This isn’t cause for too much excitement, but as a struggling writer it’s nice to see my words in print wherever they may be.

Big ups to The Comic’s Comic for recognizing good stuff when they see it! 😉

(True that.)

That’s not much of a blog now is it?

I know, I know, but it’s Sunday and I’ve been working hard on a promotional Michael Louis Calvillo Must Be Destroyed! magnet (available at a horror writer’s convention near you), and I’m ready to shut off my brain for some BIG BROTHER, and then a little CURB.

365 posts.


I shall prevail.

Should you doubt me, never fear. There’s big stuff on the horizon. More on my WORM series (The WORM Deconstructed Part I, Part II). FINAL DESTINATION 5, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, and CONAN are on my movie radar. Oh, and I’m getting back to work and I’ll have some war stories soon enough.

365 posts.

Stay with me, things are bound to get good.

Until tomorrow, Loyal Reader.


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