Movie Night!

Oh, FINAL DESTINATION 5 3D, how I hope you’ll be good. I think I’ve been disappointed by all of your brothers except for that oddball, FINAL DESTINATION 2. That particular volume has the best sense of humor of the bunch. The black comedy worked in heightening the absurdity of those over the top deaths and some clever sequences paid off with actual scares that actually provoked giddy, nervous laughs rather than yawns. The script was TV terrible, yes, but a few of the set pieces were superb. Things got suspenseful. Ingenious coincidence piled one blunder  atop another until…BOOM! Someone died horribly. Muuhhhaaaahhaaaa!

(How can something that looks like this not be cool?)


So then, I’m off to see you, FD5 3D. If you suck, I am going to tattle to my Blog. More than one person reads it and I might even cost you somewhere in the vicinity of fifty bucks worth of admissions ;-).

Alas, I have hope. The Tomatometer is at 55%. That’s pretty good for a horror movie (avoid 20% and under). I know this much, it’s gonna be tons better than GLEE 3D (which looks much more painful than the screaming woman getting her eyeball attacked by some frenzied machine in the FD5 3D trailer).

Well, Loyal Reader, my family and I are off to the movies!

This is by far the coolest sequence of any of the Final Destination movies…


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