Beware Those Angry Birds!

It’s my new obsession! Holy crap, Loyal Reader, have you played this thing? It’s ridiculously fun. The object is to kill the egg stealing pigs by dive bombing kamikaze birds into their forts of wood, glass, rock, and the occasional TNT box. You sick your birds on the pigs by launching them in a touch-sensitive slingshot. Just put some pressure, pull, angle, then fire!

(Weapons of Mass Destruction)

That’s all there is to it. I didn’t expect the simple mechanic to hook me the way it did. I played for over an hour and plan on playing some more sometime soon. It’s my new Tetris. Go figure. I see ANGRY BIRDS T-shirts at school. It’s gotten that big. If you haven’t already, take a minute to give it a shot. It’s a must have for your iPad (or phone).

Also, FINAL DESTINATION 5 3D was a blast. It was damn expensive ($14.50 each), but it was worth it. The movie won’t work on DVD or cable – it’s standard entry fare with the same plot and the same unknowns acting the best they can with the material they’re given. The 3D enlivens the schlock factor. A schlock movie like FD5 or PIRANHA 3D deserves schlock 3D. It makes the movie more fun than it is.

Ranking them, FD5 comes in third, behind FD2 and the original film, but before FD4 and the godawful FD3 (the rollercoaster scene should have been much, much cooler). Nice direction and creative death sequences make FD5 3D worth checking out.

(I LOVE schlock! Yum! Yum!)

Also, if they make an FD6, I’m there. I think the series still has legs. They can do a few more, hire interesting directors, tweak the plot a bit, keep them short and zippy, make them entertaining. From bird slingshots to death’s due, we’re a pretty easy audience.


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