12 Seconds

Loyal Reader, I am a happy man. I have found personal peace and deep, calming contentment at my core. I am rich. I am in love and sometimes even feel Tom Cruise crazy – like I want to jump on couches and scream my beloved’s name at the top of my lungs. My love is a wild ogre.

Today the beast feasts with us as my wife, Michelle, and I celebrate our 12th anniversary (wherein twelve years feels like 12 seconds).

All of that Romantic talk above? It’s all her. My girl has made me what I am today. She has taken care of me through rough times and we’ve enjoyed one another’s company throughout the good ones. I owe her everything and am super proud to call her my wife.

(From my heart beep to yours.)

We decided not to buy each other presents this year. Instead we are going to put the dough toward a tropical vacation sometime in the near future. Still, I gotta do a little something. So, these robots are just for you, Mrs. Calvillo. Happy Anniversary, to my lovely girl!


6 Responses to “12 Seconds”

  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I love you so much!

    Forever Yours,


  3. Congratulations you two!!

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