Mini-Game Madness

I like video games. Yeah, I’m old. Yeah, I should probably be doing other things with my time. Shoot me, I still love ’em.

My favorite type of games – deep, complex, long, action-adventure type stuff with RPG elements that usually utilize every single one of the standard gaming controller’s thirteen buttons – are draining. I play a lot less than I used to. Those over long adventures seem to take me a good six months to a year to finish as opposed to the two to three weeks it used to take me.

Lately, I’ve even been cheesing out and leaving games half done instead of beating them and moving on. It used to be one of my unspoken rules – always master the game you are working on before taking on a different title.

(This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine…)

I get a bit OCD about these things. I factor cost, and time spent playing, and trade-in values. I used to take advantage of Gamestop’s used game policy. You can return any used title you purchase within seven days and trade it for another title of equal or lesser value (so long as you keep the receipt). In my heyday, I could knock a game out in six to seven days and then return it for something else. That’s two games – if I pushed it – maybe three or four games for the price of one. Most Gamestop cashiers don’t care, but every once in a while a hardcase insinuates that they know what I am doing and that their return policy is not meant to be abused in such a fashion. Whatever. Anyway, I don’t geek out and play for a couple hours each day like I used to. I haven’t abused Gamestop in quite a while.

Which brings me to these damn mini-games. I scoffed at them in the past, thinking games designed for cellphones and iPads weren’t REAL games. Or, rather, they weren’t the type of games I’d ever consider playing. They’re too simple. They’re for monkeys and people who don’t really care for video games.

Well smack-a-baby, Loyal reader, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. These little gems, well the two I’ve been playing for the past few days – Angry Birds and Army of Darkness Defense – have been perfect for my lifestyle. Just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they are substandard. That they cost under five bucks (Angry Birds is $4.99, Army of Darkness Defense is free) rules.

(Simple. Addictive. It’s the new crack!)

The next time you see me dismissively blowing something off before I’ve even given it a chance please punch me in the arm. I’m hard headed and opinionated and sometimes I think my stuff doesn’t stink. But then, sometimes I am the stupidest idiot on the planet. These wonderful, little games have made a fool of me, but I am all the wiser. I get it now. Humbled, I eat my stubborn words and wonder how I got along all these years without a touchscreen slingshot or catapult. Oh, technology, I love you so!


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