Art Of The Soul

One of my favorite parts about being an author is opening an e-mail and laying my eyes on new artwork for an upcoming publication. So far, working in the small press, I’ve been very lucky to have worked with excellent artists with awe inspiring skills. I’ve seen some horrible covers (no offense, horrible covers) and some horrible titling (no offense horrible titling) and if I was presented with one as my new release, I wouldn’t know what to say? I wouldn’t want to offend any body.

Again, I’ve been lucky. My first book kind of sucked. Not the book, I’m proud of that unruly bad boy (I WILL RISE). It’s first novel raw and has it’s angry young man energy. Not to toot my own horn, but I think it rocks. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it ;-). Still, the cover art stunk. I was the artist and Loyal Reader, let me tell you, I am not an artist. All I did was scan my hand into the computer and then photoshopped it into a weird, hole-in-the-hand, decaying planet – cancer – heart thing. I don’t hate it, but it’s amateruish compared to the artwork done by true artists.

(Kid’s stuff.)

Peter Mihaichuk did my second novel. Bad Moon Books had a much better budget than the micropress that handled my first book. AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT is a gruesome work. It’s truly scary. By day, Peter is an art director on various Canadian television projects. His dark art is top notch. His freaky photoshop manipulated pieces are striking and often times unsettling. Check out his work, you’ll be impressed.

(I love this.)

Daniele Serra really brought it. He did a gorgeous cover and twenty-one killer interiors in his distinctive, beautiful style. Bad Moon was even more generous with their art budget this time around and really went the distance to help produce a great looking book. As a trade paperback, BLOOD & GRISTLE is a well-priced art book with a collection of screwed up stories courtesy of moi.


The novella BLEED FOR YOU sold pretty well in print and digitally, due in part to Delirium Book’s work ethic and an incredible art piece by Zach McCain. I’ve never actually traded emails or spoken with Zach. Delirium gave him instruction and he came up with art that is highly evocative of my story. The work just fits. After you read the book, take a look at the cover and you can’t help but thinking, perfect, just perfect.

(McCain nailed it.)

My latest work, Bloodletting Book’s DEATH & DESIRE IN THE AGE OF WOMEN, has the coolest cover to date (IMHO). Alexy McVey tore it up. We discussed a number of concepts, one including naked, writhing devil women worshiping a giant worm. The idea somehow morphed and took on a bit of Christian iconography with a slimy worm, a gnarly tree, and an Eve in the Garden of Eden feel stemmed from the bits and pieces of religious allusion that weaves in and out of the narrative. McVey pulled off a mature work of classic beauty. Like with many of the works above, prints of the paintings are available and reasonably priced. Search them out.

(The next level.)

I have more superb covers coming out on the horizon including two from the awesome Frank Walls (stellar work for 7BRAINS and BIRDBOX. I wish I could share what I’ve seen, but we’ve got to wait just a little bit longer.

Well, see you tomorrow. Friday! Yay! Night, Loyal Reader.


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