Bellamy Brings It!

Almost missed a day, Loyal Reader, but fear not, I’m back at the hizzy and am typing this blog up quick before hitting the hay. It’s 1:42 in the AM and I gotta get to bed.

Michelle let the Improv know how terrible Katt Williams was a few weeks back and they hooked us up with eight tickets to tonight’s Billy Bellamy show. We brought along some of the same friends we saw Williams with and a few new ones. My expectations were…well…nil. I’ve seen Bellamy for years as an MTV VJ and as a hosting type on various projects. He does a workman-like job, bringing enough charm and swagger to his MCing. I was mildly interested.

(Surprise! I’m funny!)

Turns out Bellamy and opener, J. Reid, are super funny stand-ups. Bits on life, love, and an awesome piece about an angry killer whale in captivity resonated well with the receptive crowd. That whale joke really is something. Bellamy bent his arms to form fins as he held his head high, snarled at his Sea World trainers, and wagged his tail in a hilarious strut up and down the rather small Improv stage. The comedy veered from absurdist to sublime (my table had a few bouts of doubling over), but it was always relatable and quite well-paced. Neither comedian over stayed their welcome, each performing nicely timed sets that got the crowd rolling, kept them smiling, and then set them loose upon the real world at a decent time (unlike the William’s debacle which dragged on to a painful, 2AM, end time).

(Me too!)

So then, thumbs up Bill and J. You guys tore it up. Your acts are diamond sharp and every bit as glitzy as blingy ice. I laughed loudly often and I’m happy to spread the word.

They’re playing the Ontario Improv for the rest of this weekend and as good as the show is, I don’t think they’ve managed to sell out a single night (which is a travesty – come on folks, support your local comedy club). The 10:00PM show we caught was well attended, but nowhere near capacity. There were way too many empty booths and tables round about the back of the venue. It’s a shame.

If you’ve got nothing going and you are close enough, order up some cheap tickets and check it out. Laughing can take you somewhere else. It eeks the best from life, physically gooses you with ticklish energy, and dazzles up the old brain with streaks of cheery color. It feels mighty good. Comedy shows are always like funny therapy. The comics revel in painful truths. They’re upbeat, but usually hide a dark underbelly of insecurity. The thing is, these guys walked the line perfectly, whereas I fear poor, old Katt Willians has fallen head first into the very same personal hell that most comedians perform to keep those pesky demons of self worth at bay.

Still, I had a blast ;-)!

Pleasant dreams, Loyal Reader.

Here’s Bellamy in action a number of years back. Not too shabby, but he’s been honing that set over the years and his new stuff is really on point.


3 Responses to “Bellamy Brings It!”

  1. Jonathan Sanchez Says:

    Cool 😀

  2. wish i could have been there! not surprisingly, appreciate your psychoanalysis of comedians’ internal struggles

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