Bite Night (On A Monday Evening No Less)

We wasted our weekend entertainment on the abysmal CONAN THE BARBARIAN, a movie that looks like it was put together by early stage test monkeys from RISE, so when the urge to see FRIGHT NIGHT 3D struck (on a Monday evening no less) we figured What the heck? Let’s do this.

FRIGHT NIGHT 3D does what it does and it does it very well. What’s more, it does it nice and it does it fast. It’s nothing you’ll remember six months down the line, but for a swift 100 minutes you’ll find yourself enthralled, cheering on mayhem driven vampire, Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrel as good as everyone says he is), as he tries to destroy his teen nemesis, Charlie Brewster (twenty-two year old, Anton Yelchin doin’ the teen thing).

(Edward who?)

The film does a wonderful job of appropriating the best of the original and wrapping it up in new bits that play out as good as, or better than, the first film’s key moments. Craig Gillespie (who made the indie feature LARS & THE REAL GIRL) (haven’t seen it), handles this commercial thriller with finesse. The man understands how to move along an action scene. It’s a workman like project, not too flashy, a solid pulse-pounder that gets moving early on and doesn’t let up.

Back in the day, I LOVED the first FRIGHT NIGHT. I saw it when I was a wee eleven years old. It left an indelible impression. I’m not quite certain why – it was good, but not that good. Still, I remember most scenes clear as day even though I haven’t seen it in years and years. The latest issue of Rue Morgue has a nice cover story on the original (with some coverage of the remake). They interview Tom Holland, the original’s writer and director, and most of the cast. Ah, those old photos really bring me back.

(The original rocks. So does the remake.)

Anyway, the new movie is worth your time. They’ve added some interesting wrinkles to the vampire mythos and yes, Colin Farrel nails it. He definitely deserves the praise he’s been receiving in reviews. Chris Sarandon’s Jerry Dandridge was charming and fun (even while being evil). Farrel takes Sarandon’s character and adds in a little more pathos and menace. He gives the film real bite.

I give the whole endeavor two stakes up. Go see it on a Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday. Shake things up. Enjoy yourself, Loyal Reader. You have time to be busy later.


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