Day Of The Dead

So then, last night around two or three in the morning I got real nauseous and woke up with the strong urge to vomit. I managed to make it from my bedside to my bathroom without making a mess, but I spent the next half hour puking away.


Not too sure.

I ate some delicious Chef Boyardee  Beefaroni a few hours before bed – a late dinner because I ate a large, late lunch. I enjoyed the heck out of it. With oodles and oodles of parmesan cheese? Forget about it?! It makes for a quick, excellent meal. Still, it did not sit so well. Is my stomach as much of a snob as I am? Maybe so.

(I don’t care what’s in it! It’s delicious!)

Anyway, I took a whole sick day to sleep it off, but man, I wish I didn’t. Sleeping all day has got me feeling mighty worn out. I wish I would have stuck it out. Tired after an honest day’s work feels great. Sitting around, waiting for my beddy-bye time to circle back around sucks the life right out of me. Here’s to hard work and a busy brain! I can’t wait to get back to it!

See you tomorrow, Loyal Reader. I promise you productivity.

See! This guy loves it too!


4 Responses to “Day Of The Dead”

  1. I love chef boyardee! I wouldn’t say it tastes like real ravioli really, but damn good for beef in a can. Sorry to hear the chef didn’t want to stay down. Hope that it’s passed and you feel better now!

  2. Jonathan Sanchez Says:

    Chef Boyardee is sooo good >:D
    I love how they make their stuff.
    So cheesy and delicious! *yum* (:

  3. No love lost for the Chef. I’ll definitely tackle some fine, canned pasta and ketchup in the near future.

  4. Semanario Natural…

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