Brain Mush

I began an editing marathon session. I started reading at 7:30 and kept at it. I taught and got the kids working on vocabulary, graded a few errant papers (I kick so much butt!!! Yesterday, I graded EVERY LITTLE THING) and then got to work reading, changing things, rearranging sentences, and moving zillions of commas, occasionally surprising my self with a cool passage I forgot I wrote. Conversely, the opposite happens and I find horrible, horrible mistakes and awkward, rambling sections that need to be trimmed. I’m keeping stuff lean – know what I mean?

The manuscript I’m currently working on is a joy. I love the editing, second / third draft stage, more than any other part of the writing process. I’ve done all the hard work. Now it’s time to gussy things up. There’s a puzzle like quality to building sentences and forming paragraphs that build into chapters. As a lover of language, I LOVE this very much.

I should really use all of this in Part III to my WORM deconstructed series.

And I will.

In any case, this particular manuscript is called, HYPNOTIC. It’s a hiphop horror novel (yep!) and as much as I hate tooting my own horn (yep!), I dig it. There are some cool characters, high drama! mega-famous rappers! fierce rhymes! and lots of frenzied savagery! It’s glitzy and wild and I had so much fun writing it. Most of it came real easy. There were a few sections that took some straightening out. I wrote a friend’s alter ego into the narrative. Rex Steel. He’s the man. I love the gangsta so much I fleshed him out and threw him into the mix. He’s an anti-hero. He has beef with the protags. I’m super happy with the way he came out. He’s darkly humorous. Oh and he has the greatest rhymes. Check it!

(Roll with Rex!)

The book is 312 pages and I took care of about 260 of them today. I might finish tonight or maybe tomorrow. Then I have to write a certain publisher and apologize for being so late. I told him I’d have the book to him weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy and I haven’t had a chance to get on a real edit until this morning. I’m happy I rocked it, knocking over two thirds of it out. Yay! Talk about productive. As soon as I am done with this hiphop project, I have a short story awaiting it’s final coat of paint before I send it on to one of three or four anthologies I plan on submitting to in the every near future (in other words – I have to hurry the heck up!). Fingers crossed I place this stuff.

(What’s up, homie?)

It’s unfortunate, Loyal Reader. You know? There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Teaching is wonderful work, but this getting up early stuff? Ugh. I am a night owl. I’d love to stay up, watch TV and work on the old computer, until two, maybe even three in the morning. I’d like to get up around nine-thirty and get to work by ten or so. That would make life almost near perfect.

Rap on!

Shake your butt to this!


2 Responses to “Brain Mush”

  1. That sounds cool, I’m anxious to read it. And why am I not surprised hip hop found its way into your work?

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