Hobo With A Heart Of Gold

Okay, Party People, it’s Saturday night and I still owe you a blog. I’m ready to kick off these shoes and chill – we’ve been visiting friends (a cool baby shower) and family (my bro-in-law and his lovely brood), traversing the Inland Empire from Rancho Cucamonga to Hemet, then back to the good, old homestead, and I am nearing beat (though I still got a few hours of mindless TV in me).

How about I give you a little something cool and then call it a night?



So then, last weekend, after squirming through the awful CONAN, Michelle and I had to do something to cleanse our eyeballs. We fired up Netflix and decided on HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN. I wasn’t expecting much. The title says it all, and, well, frankly, it doesn’t really do it for me. But I like Rutger Hauer, and hobos, and shotguns, so what the hay, we went ahead and gave it a shot.

Well, the movie isn’t much more than a ninety minute gimmick, but it moves swiftly, has a great performance by Hauer (and a trio of excellent baddies), and is wild enough to warrant your attention. Jason Eisner, the film’s director (and winner of a Grindhouse trailer competition), is the real deal. He takes a miniscule budget and gives us some pretty incredible, dark entertainment. The film is highly stylized and hyper-violent (two wonderful things in my book). Bikini girls dance in fountains of blood, chaos runs rampant, and the grime encrusted locale at it’s evil center, Scum City, is appropriately scummy.

(Go hobo, go hobo, go!)

Hauer’s Hobo, a well meaning homeless man trying to earn enough money to buy a lawnmower so he can make a decent living, is affecting despite the silly concept. When he’s had enough and decides to clean up the foul city, spending his hard earned cash on a shotgun instead of his dream mower, I actual felt a sense of…I don’t know…sorrow…and…satisfaction.

Eisner does such an excellent job of creating a city gone mad, you can’t wait for the title hobo to acquire his title shotgun and blast vengeance upon the disgusting citizenry.

The film actually reminds me of something Troma would have put out in the mid 80s, but done much, much better. Imagine a nasty, little exploitation film with nice production values and a punky streak of artistic integrity. Things look cheesy because Eisner wants them to and not the other way around. It’s gratuitous, and ridiculous, and in one of my favorite scenes, brave enough to torch a school bus full of children (awesome). I’m happy to report, Hobo has the goods.

Highly recommended.

Okay, Loyal Reader, I’m tired. Have a good one. Oh, and be sure to check out HOBO when you get the chance, you’ll have a blast.

Here’s the trailer…


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