The Yellow Brick Road

We’re off to Vegas for Killercon 3. The first year the convention ran, it was pretty cool. Last year’s was poorly attended and had some venue problems (they switched hotels on the day of the con! Messy!), but we still had tons of fun. I hope this year pops off and tons of folks come out. Looking forward to meeting other authors and brainwashing some new fans.

I’ve got a reading at 11:30AM tomorrow (it would be nice if loads of people showed up for it – we’ll see). And then there’s a party tomorrow night in honor of 7BRAINS (among a few other works by other authors). And then on saturday, Michelle and I (and our pals Stacey and Andrew) are sneaking away to catch Penn & Teller.

We don’t gamble much, but maybe we’ll get lucky and hit a jackpot (or two). Fingers crossed…

I’m super excited, but the road before us is a long one (just over three hours generally).

Which is why today’s blog is sooo pathetic. Sorry, Loyal Reader. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. I’ll find some downtime and fill you in on all the fun!

Rock and roll!

(“Bright light city gonna set my soul, set my soul on fire…”)


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