Party All Day And Every Night – Well, At Least Until 11PM! (Killercon 3, Part I)

Uh-oh. I technically missed a day of blogging which means I ruined my perfect average! I accomplished about eighty posts in eighty days and was well on my way to a perfect 365. Damn. Oh well. Still, I’m not giving up. I’m gonna knock out two posts today and then pick myself up and carry on. After another 200+ of these things (IN A ROW!!!), nobody’ll notice any sort of difference…

So what happened?

Well, as you all know, we are at Killercon 3. I hopped on the computer last night around 10PM. I was dragging. It had been a long day and I was ready to crash (so much for partying all night – ah, to be young again ;-(. Anyway, I logged in and the Internets refused to cooperate! I paid 12 bucks for Internet access (because for some reason or another, these damn hotels are too cheap to offer Wi-Fi as FREE service), but nothing worked!

Long story short, Michelle got the Internet service on the phone this morning and we’re back in business.

Killercon then. We got in to Vegas on Thursday around 9PMish. There was a smallish opening party going on in the hospitality suite, but Michelle and I and our friend Ben Ethridge, opted out and went to eat some pricey Italian instead. Then we went back to the room (we got a very roomy suite, hey!) and hung out until about 2:30AM before calling it a night.

Friday was a big one. Monica K. from Burning Effigy presented me with the first ever copy of 7BRAINS (Yay!) – an excellent way to start the morning. I said hello to tons of folks then followed opening ceremonies with an 11:30AM reading. Surprisingly, the reading was well-attended (the surprise stemming from all there is to do in Vegas – that people choose to check me out was very, very cool). Luckily, I killed. Everyone was into it. I fired off a few jokes and told a little about my climb then I read some raps from my (hopefully) forthcoming novel HYPNOTIC.

My flow was strong – nice cadence, nice rhythm – and the rhymes were funny. The crowd of mostly non-hiphop heads were pleased.

After getting down with it, I picked up 7BRAINS and did the traditional reading thing. I read the first chapter (about 10 pages). Momentum carried us along. There was a lull here and there, nothing that anybody will remember in retrospect (especially with my raps still kicking about in the back of their brains). All in and all, it was a very successful performance.

Before getting off the stage, I raffled off five books (Michelle passed out tickets to everybody in attendance).

I spent some time in the Dealer’s room and caught several other great readings. We saw Lisa Morton read a killer, thoughtful piece called THE DEVIL and then John Palisano read from his upcoming, first novel, NERVES (coming from Bad Moon very soon…).

I then took a nap which ruined me for the rest of the evening (I couldn’t wake-up!). Bleary-eyed and refusing to give in to fatigue, we watched two more readings – one by Jeremy Wagner reading from his thriller (the name escapes me) and then one by the one, the only, the fantabulous outlaw wordsmith, Weston Ochse. His performance rocked the house (literally) as he broke up his reading of PLAYLIST AT THE END (forgive me if I mangled the title) with snippets of music.

Putting on a successful reading, Loyal Reader, isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Most folks who try run the risk of boring the audience. Let’s be honest – reading aloud isn’t the most exciting thing. Sometimes, it’s like watching paint dry. I really appreciate Weston’s approach. I already know the guy (and love him to death), but readings like that are the type to convert the masses. Audiences become fans. It helps that he can write (very, very, very well) because when those fans reach out and take a chance on his stuff they’ll surely become devoted.

Next, we hit the Burning Effigy party where I happened to be one of the guests of honor. We schmoozed for a bit, took some pictures, had a few drinks, then went off in search of food.

I never got dinner (long story) and ended up conking out by 11PM.

In Vegas?!


I know, I know, but the party animal in me just isn’t what it used to be. Maybe I’ll have better luck tonight?

Okay then, Loyal Reader, remember… This is technically yesterday’s blog. I’ll put something new up tonight. Sorry for the lack of pictures / videos / handy links, but I’m on the road and none of this tech crap wants to work for me! If you want more info on the wonderful authors mentioned above, copy their names into google and search away. They’re worth the effort.

P.S. – I met, and had some wonderful conversation with Jack Ketchum! I was initially star-struck (he is a horror writing icon), but he’s such a nice dude, I now consider him a friend. Trippy, huh?


5 Responses to “Party All Day And Every Night – Well, At Least Until 11PM! (Killercon 3, Part I)”

  1. wish we could be there to celebrate and promote alongside you! sorry for the 2am phone call -we made the erroneous assumption you’d still be up as you were in Vegas but now I see we were quite mistaken! that’s okay, just be sure and make up for it tonight!

  2. Dear Michael,
    I met with you briefly at Stoker Weekend in Long Island this year; glad you’re at KillerCon with Monica (who rocks btw!); just wanted to let you know that I purchased 7 BRAINS today at Word on the Street in Toronto from Burning Effigy, and I freakin’ loved this novella; I read it in one sitting and it was fantastic. You rule, dude! 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re having fun (am soooo bummed that I couldn’t make it to KillerCon this year), but sucks to hear that the hotel doesn’t offer free wi-fi. Boo!

    So glad to hear that you met Jack Ketchum and that you seemed to have a great time at the rest of the con, though!

    I’ll send you the link to my review of 7 BRAINS when it goes up on my blog.


  3. […] things back to Saturday. I reported on Thursday and Friday in the first installment of this series, Party All Day And Every Night – Well, At Least Until 11PM! (Killercon 3, Part I). Now I’m gonna finish up with Saturday and Sunday of my Con coverage. Lots of pictures and […]

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