Vegas Vamping (Killercon 3, Part 1.5)

I am one blog post behind. This is the first of two blogs that’ll run tonight then I’m caught up.

Presenting…video of me spazzing out during a Reading. I read and rap and discuss my writing. I’m still too skinny (working on it). And, no, I wasn’t joking, I am kind of spazzy. But spazzy in a good way. I can deal with it,  I just can’t watch it. The following video has been shot by my wife. She assures me I am presentable.

A WARNING: Though I’m not much of a cusser in real life – having a kiddie and teaching kids all day keeps my language lean , mean and clean – I think it’s super-fun to do it in my writing. When I put these crazy, horror stories together, I envision R-rated horror movies. The violence, profanity, sexuality, and taboo themes reach R-rated levels of mayhem. They are not for children. 17 and older please. The youngins reading this can come back in a few years and check it out then ;-)!

Okay. Holding my breath. Don’t laugh too hard.

Michael Louis Calvillo killing it at Killercon!


2 Responses to “Vegas Vamping (Killercon 3, Part 1.5)”

  1. Love love love the rapping! So glad I got to see it in person. 😉

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