Soup, baby!

My girl is cooking soup. It smells incredible. Garlic, onion, celery, sauteing. Mmmm. It feels like fall. I love the fall. And I love it even more because my girl loves it. We enjoy it together.


’tis the season for goblins and ghoulies, demons, and pumpkin spiced candles. See, that’s why I’m so damn lucky. My girl makes all of this happen. She buys things like candles and fall-ish decorum. She celebrates seasons.

As a lazy dude, I would never think to buy these things and I’d totally be missing out.

This is my favorite of all the seasons. I like certain things about each cycle. Summer heat feels nice from time to time, and winter’s chill, bundling yourself in jackets and sweaters in cozy refuge, can be pleasant. Nothing tops a chilly fall night at Disneyland. Everything is crisp. Lines are a little more tolerable (I really, really, really, hate lines).

(Jack & friends take over The Most Expensive Place on Earth)

I get around pretty good on crutches, but they can get super tiring, so this year we are thinking of taking my wheelchair. So long as my whole party can go along with me, I’ll do it. Maybe we’ll even get shorter lines. Do they have handicap lines? We’ll see.

The coolest thing about this particular trip to the uber-expensive park is that we’re going with my sister, her husband and their three, awesome kids (with my wife and daughter and mom. Fun!). Their daughter is two and their twin sons are one. They’re gonna flip out at all the lights and castles and characters. It’s gonna be a special experience – viewing Disneyland through a child’s eyes. That’s what it’s all about.

My girl and I will sneak away and ride some big rides. Two year olds prefer It’s A Small World and Dumbo (can you believe the original Dumbo cartoon feature was made in 1941!). I think there will be parades and fireworks and that killer light and water show, Fantasmic.

(The best haunted house ever. A timeless classic.)

Then we got Halloween and all of the Halloween time things. Scary movies. Scary mazes. Scary costumes. We got big plans, Loyal Reader, big plans. Two theme parks (we are going to try and hit up at least one of the haunted maze parks – Knott’s or Universal), a maze at Storm Stadium (Field of Screams), that actually rocks really hard – they set up two, super well-done mazes featuring all of the latest in Haunted Attraction freak-out technology. It’s way rad (as I used to say when I was eleven).

My writing career stuff gets a little boost. This is definitely the season for horror book giving. When considering a season appropriate gift, horror books are the perfect choice. It seems as though folks read more in the cooler months. They talk about beach reading, but the reading at home during the fall and the winter rocks. There’s nothing like curling up with a good book on a chilly, wintry night.

Oh, and I’m gonna get some pumpkin pie.

(I’m gonna eat you up.)

As we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving break, school is getting ready to jump into hyperspeed. The breaks come fast and furious over the holidays then we get the president’s days and spring break and poof! We’re done. Two months of summer to kick back and enjoy the long, hot sunny days.

But for now, it’s all about the awesomest season of them all.

Happy Halloween, Loyal Reader, let the mayhem commence!

Soup’s on!


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