Today Was A Good Day (I Didn’t Even Have To Use My AK)

No verbal smackdowns today. Everything went easy. Students were well-behaved and mostly on-point. They did cute things like make GO MR. C signs and then hold them up while I’m teaching class. You could go two ways with this. You could browbeat them and tell them to pay attention and get all grumpy, or you can just stop, raise the roof a bit, and claim your props. Point it out to the class. Enjoy it. Encourage kindness. Then, after a minute of laughing, get started soothing the beast. Then work your way back into the Epic Poetry of my man, Odysseus.

(Lost at sea + sweaty oarsmen = one stinky boat!)

I love Odysseus. He is the most awesome of the awesome. There’s a cool arrogance about him. He can be icy. He don’t take no crap. And he’s of exceptional intelligence (which is why the Gods toyed with him so much).

We are in Book 9 – New Coasts & Poseidon’s Son – in which Odysseus and a crew of 720 men are lost at sea and looking for home. They encounter hostile forces, mind-erasing flowers, and a grisly, man-eating cyclops called Polyphemus.

(On the grind)

We left off right where Odysseus and twelve of his best warriors are trapped in a cave with a demented, overgrown, hungry devourer of man flesh. How do they get out? Is Odysseus able to out-wit the beast and free his men? Things get messy, but, as not to spoil too much Loyal Reader (there are some of you who have yet to read Homer’s THE ODYSSEY – this needs to be corrected), I’ll save it for the classroom.

And this is why I love my job.

Sure I have to teach it five times a day, but each run is kind of a practice run. By the end of the day, I’m on fire. The force is strong with this one.

Hopefully tomorrow goes as perfectly. Sometimes you have one of those sucky days where nobody wants to listen. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get them interested. Good days like today keep me happy though. There are usually plenty of them to keep me going all year long.

Anyway, go read some classics and get cultured. Or, better yet, screw all that and buy my latest novella 7Brains – it’s like junkfood for the soul.

(This the movie I show after we finish reading – Armand Assante is actually really, really good!)

Here’s a great clip of Odysseus falling into Calypso’s grasp…


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