Rawk Dawgs!

Call us modern-day primitives, but every so often Costco dinners are in order. A gut-busting Polish sausage dog or two pieces of heavy, greasy pizza? Which is the lesser of two evils? You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

And if that doesn’t do you in, they make a great fruit and ice cream thing. And if the time is right, you can wash everything down with a little sample buffet. It’s kind of like dining tapas style.

(Worth the burn)

So then, Loyal Reader, what tops a Costco dinner night? How about a Costco dinner night coupled with a visit to Gamestop for some trading?!

Very cool, huh?

I’ve got my sights set on ROCKSMITH, a new guitar game that uses a real guitar (any guitar with  1/4 inch jack – I’ve got three of them) and turns the whole button mashing colored jewels thing into something much cooler. You actually play notes and chords via a tablature like system that replaces falling jewels with fret numbers for the proper finger placement.

When you learn a song on ROCKSMITH, you learn that song for real.

I love playing guitar and I love getting into the garage for a jam session (Halloween will rock!), but I can never remember songs to play. If I pick five, maybe six songs off the game, and then spend the next two weeks trying to master them I should be good to go come my Halloween jam.

Thus begins a noble experiment. I will see if this ROCKSMITH does all it claims to and then I will report back with the results.


It’s eighty bucks – a little more than the standard 59.99. The game comes with a special guitar cord that fits a guitar on one end and the game console’s USB interface on the other. I’ve got some trade-ins gathering dust (I had to stop playing RAGE before I even gave it a fair shake – it got me motion sick!) so it’s out with the old and in with the new.


Here’s the skinny, minny…


2 Responses to “Rawk Dawgs!”

  1. This is awesome. A welcome antidote to Guitar Hero culture (although I am quite aware of how much you enjoyed that game).

  2. I played a little last night.

    So far, so good.

    I could see the game being a bit too tough if you aren’t at least a casual guitarist. If you can remember waaay back when learning how to play, difficulties stemmed from getting your fingers comfortable (with chords and dancing around the fretboard) while getting used to strumming. It’s kind of overwhelming for a while. It takes a good year of lazy playing to get good enough to enjoy yourself.

    Walking in cold, the game is probably a nightmare (bad for sales and the chance Ubisoft will keep supporting it), but if you got some basic chops (like we do), it’s actually a real cool way to practice jams. There are even mini-games built around scales. Practice (which I never really do – unless you count playing La Bamba for a minute then setting the instrument back in its stand) just got a whole lot more fun!

    We’ll see if it gets old or sticks. I played the whole Rockband / Guitar Hero stuff for a solid year before it got old – hopefully this one lasts as long…

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