Had parent teacher conference tonight. They call it PTC. It’s held in a large gymnasium and all of us teachers get to sit at tables lined up against the cavernous walls. Parents get their kids report card before entering the gym, then visit each of their student’s teachers for talk of grading and misbehaving.

We do it for two hours. 5-7PM. It’s not too torturous (it kinda is). I’d rather we did it in our own classrooms where parents could pay a visit to their children’s learning environment.

Moan, moan, moan.

(Hot for teacher)

It’s cool though. I met some nice parents. We had some pleasant chit-chat. Mostly A and B student parents. The Cs hardly ever come. A few Ds and Fs, but really, too few to mention.

I had two or three helpful instances. I looked a student in the eyes and then their parent’s eyes and then we made a pact to get the kid back on track. This works. It’s pretty, powerful mojo.

The one thing that felt the weirdest for me is the whole cancer thing. I’m skinny for me. I look different than I did. You can see it in my face – it’s a different face. It was a little meatier (I was a meathead). Lots of former students notice the difference. And lots of folks, kids and adults alike, don’t know how to act. They make things kind of weird.

It’s okay though. Reversing the situation, I’d feel weird too.

Don’t fret or tarry yourself sick, Loyal Reader. I’m handling it. I’m packing on pounds with dessert and fattening food. Soon, I’ll plump up a little. I’ll eventually go soft in the middle. I’ll add some inches to this healing frame.

Or this blight will grow…

(Like cancer, but worse!)

Whatever happens, I gotta learn to enjoy seemingly tedious exercises and find the good in all.

Putting it like that, I can still feel some of the warmth. I had a couple meaningful encounters where I felt genuine concern and care. It felt good. I shouldn’t really hug folks (germs and disease don’t mix) or shake their hands even, but I look back on each moment of greeting and parting and it makes me feel much better. Nothing is cooler than compassionate expression.

(…or better yet? Never come back!)


2 Responses to “MLC @ PTC”

  1. “Why am I soft in the middle now…?”

  2. I totally thought of this while writing that…

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