Crucial Viewing / Halloween Edition / Round 1 – DAGON

Halloween movie lists always feature the same handful of films. They’re great. HALLOWEEN, THE EVIL DEAD, THE EXORCIST, THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, and on and on and on. As far as horror goes, they’re pretty much the pinnacle. Most of them are my favorites, but there are tons of less popular fright flicks that deserve a spot within the scary canon.

In honor of the fastly approaching big day, I am proud to present three, unique recommendations (spread over three, unique blogs). If you’ve seen the films, great, find something else or watch one of the old standbys, but, if one of my choices has somehow passed you by, be sure to rent it for Halloween and see what you’ve been missing…

I’m a big Stuart Gordon fan. If you’re uncertain, Mr. Gordon is most famous for directing RE-ANIMATOR, a loose HP Lovecraft adaptation, with a wicked sense of humor and plenty of convincing gore gags. It’s as good as you’ve heard if not better (it nears the top spot on my list of all time favorites). The man has made plenty of other movies and though nothing can top RE-ANIMATOR, a few of them come close. Which brings us to my first, off-kilter, atmospheric, seasonal pick…


DAGON is another HP Lovecraft adaptation. Like RE-ANIMATOR it tweaks Lovecraft’s work so much that the only thing recognizable are some basic plot points. Also, like with RE-ANIMATOR, DAGON has a pitch, black streak of humor that off-sets the shocking horror and raises the madcap terror to levels of gleeful terror.

I’m not gonna SPOIL things here. I’m not even gonna break it down or deliver any sort of a review – going in cold, you’ll come out on the other end loving what you’ve experienced. Trust me.

So then, when it comes to old Gods, and demonic rituals, and reluctant heroes, DAGON nails it. Check out the killer poster, then the trailer, then go get yourself a copy!

(Somethin’ fishy is going on in Gordon’s DAGON)

Here’s that trailer…


2 Responses to “Crucial Viewing / Halloween Edition / Round 1 – DAGON”

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  2. […] ROUND 1 & 2 (slots three & two respectively) gave Stuart Gordon some well-deserved love. I dig the guy and think the world of his movies. Still, Takashi Miike, takes the perversity of a Gordon film and turns the shock factor up to 11. His film is an easy, numero uno. […]

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