Crucial Viewing / Halloween Edition / Round 3 – ICHI THE KILLER

This selection is probably pretty well-known within genre circles. Folks who like the type of movies we like (jacked up freak shows), covet Takashi Miike’s ballastic psycho-drama-thriller-abstract-torture-horror piece, ICHI THE KILLER.

ROUND 1 & 2 (slots three & two respectively) gave Stuart Gordon some well-deserved love. I dig the guy and think the world of his movies. Still, Takashi Miike, takes the perversity of a Gordon film and turns the shock factor up to 11. His film is an easy, numero uno.

If you haven’t seen it, RUN, don’t walk, and grab yourself a copy of ICHI THE KILLER. If you’ve heard of it, but it’s one of those you haven’t gotten around to, make it a point to do so. It really is that good. Remember, halloween is the perfect opportunity to carve out a few hours with a scary movie.

ICHI is based upon a hyperviolent series of comics. It revolves around a crazed, killing machine that can’t help himself from wreaking havoc (brainwashing comes into play). Worse (or best), he’s highly emotional and is likely to cry hysterically after cleaving you in half with a nasty set of boot-knives. The juxtaposition – bloody, chaotic death followed by girly-man crying, sets an interesting tone. And the cryptic ending (no SPOILERS here) is one for the books.

Things get WILD, Loyal Reader. You’ve been warned…

(This dude is CRAZY, but he’s not Ichi. Ichi is a whole other kind of CRAZY!)

Observe, the trailer…


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