The Letter Of Dreams To Come

Hey, Man!

Michelle and I want to upgrade my band room. I need some nice, garage band amps that won’t break the bank.

Can I send you a list and you can tell me what sort of deal I can get, or would you rather help select the right set up – you’ll be jamming at least twice a year also! – Halloween, and I think I’m going to start annual summer barbecue jam. Whatever happens, you gotta be a part of the inaugural class!

What I really need is two guitar amps, maybe two 2X12s? I’d like a bluesy, warm clean and then heavy, crunching, screaming distortion, but if not, I can always find a pedal that complements the clean channel enough that switching back and forth will fit perfectly. I’d like two identical guitar amps so the sound and its variable sounds are enough alike to harmonize and create some beautifully in tune music. I also need a bass amp, maybe a 15″ combo amp, or maybe 2X12s as well. Searching, I’m coming up with about 1,000 bucks worth of stuff – the amps I need are about $350 each and the bass amp is about $250 – 350, the higher end prefered.


(Vintage equipment has a great sound, but lacks the digital tricks of its contemporaries)

I’m gonna keep that ROLAND JC 120 Jazz Chorus. It’s not mine to sell (a cool friend lets me use it for as long as I like), but it’s distortion sucks and it has a weird hiss (when I googled this I learned it was how it was supposed to be. Some people actually want that hiss). In any case, it can be a powerful guitar amp, and a real mean contender with it’s deep, clear, fuzzy clean channel paired with a Metal Zone pedal capable of ripping the roof off your garage. Those 2X12s really rock!

Still, the hiss pisses me off.

I found it’s a pretty good PA. I can buy a mixer / head for it, and then run my ancient delay rack mount (which is 1000% fun) through it to clean up that hiss while giving my brand new $50 High / Low impedance mic the stones to run the show. I can finally hear the vocals clean and clear. The mic setup cranks LOTS of volume. We rocked it with most knobs turned to 4. With different effects that number varies. Sometimes you gotta turn it down even lower to avoid feedback, sometimes a delay effect might pull the sound down so low that you have to turn up to compensate. I was tempted to buy a PA and do it right, but this amp is special (it goes for 1K used on ebay! I’m lucky my buddy is so cool. I must honor him by giving it an important place in our little band (It cannot not be played!).

(Like Batman, I like my gadgets high-tech and fun. Line Six’s digital processors offer all sorts of killer sounds! Spice up a solo with some wah and flange and a slight delay – fun!)

Any way, I want to upgrade those three amps and want to do it soon. Maybe we can visit and shop – when you get off work, we’ll eat and then see some UCB.

Between new toys, good friendship, and watching good comedy, I can’t think of a finer night out.

Oh, by the way, this is going up on my blog as a daily post entitled, The Letter Of Dreams To Come. I like to keep a Day In My Everyday Life vibe ’round here. My Loyal Readers like letters and gossip and digging in the dirt. Though, while editing I’ve come to notice that we are boring and pretty gossip free. We like to make fun of folks sometimes (off camera please), but without that Rex Steel causing beef, you’d almost be germ free.


(Click the pic and get in the know. Listen, learn. Rex will be appearing in my rock – rap – festival-on-fire opus, HYPNOTIC. Spittin’ rhymes, cappin’ on fools, swaggering his way through the crowd, when the guns come out Rex is ready to bust a few of these mutant blood freaks’ headz!)

Okay then, what do you think? E-mail me back so we can get this musical transaction underway. Then we need a plan to break it all in…


One Response to “The Letter Of Dreams To Come”

  1. I just need my Marshall JMP and my guitar amp worries are over.

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