Emotional Twister

Right hand Sadness. Left hand Tragic. Right foot Cold. Left foot Magic.

Then you topple to the ground in exhaustion.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of day, Loyal Reader. No school. I missed the monkeys. We’re writing a FREEDOM WRITERS essay. I think I’d have rather spent time correcting tenses and spelling things like ‘Coincidence’ or ‘Asparagus’ for four hours than going to a funeral, but we are people of respect and respect we must.

I don’t want to really get into it. He was an incredible guy. He shouldn’t have died. He had way too much to live for and it’s so sad it breaks my heart every time I think about it. Pounding it out, each keystroke jabs. My hands want to type something happy. It’s not happening. Not today.


I have to look at it the other way around. I am alive. And my family is alive. And we love our lives as much as we love each other and that is enough forever and always.

After the funeral my wife, and my kid, and I drowned our sorrows with sushi (a beef bowl for me – cancer won’t let me have bacteria filled raw fish) followed by some bookstore time, followed by a movie (PUSS IN BOOTS a harmlessly, hardly funny, cutesy diversion), followed by more bookstore time, then a visit to Best Buy for some new music.

Here are our five new albums…

1. Skinny Puppy – Handover
2. Rob Zombie – Icon
3. The Black Keys – Attack & Release
4. Mastadon – The Hunter
5. Kid Cudi – (I forget the title and am too lazy to go to the internet and check. Same for the other bands – you can google them if you like. Anyway, with Kid Cudi, it’s his new one.)

(I’ll give you my opinions on the albums as they come to me)

Oh, and then my wife made the most awesome pasta bake! Yum!

You know, though it never makes a lick of sense, life can be quite awesome.

Good night, Loyal Reader. Be safe and live right.

This silly movie is…meh. All of the best bits are in the much shorter trailer. Watch it instead. You’ll save 10 bucks and 89 minutes.


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