Worlds Within Worlds

I’m 3 down, Loyal Reader. I know you aren’t trippin’, it probably takes you a while to shuffle through unread posts – there’s tons of content right?

Still, this is not an exit. Oh, no. I’m 3 down? I’ll knock out some new blogs and catch up as I can.

Here we go…

(My home away from home)

A lot has been going on. I started the weekend on Thursday night at midnight standing in line for my long-awaited copy of SKYRIM (a Nerd’s Paradise). My gem of a wife accompanied me. She seemed to enjoy the experience.

Then we got home and I played for two hours. So far so awesome.

Friday we wasted the whole day at City of Hope. BORRRING. Alas, it needs to be done.

Yesterday, Michelle and I went to Hollywood to meet some friends for Sushi and then a few more friends and then a performance of the sublime ASSSCAT, a weekly improv sketch show held at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater. It’s a steal at 10 bucks. If you need a cocktail, don’t bother the roaming waitress who are not there, just take a pull of whatever you brown bagged in. The staff is cool with it. Just throw out your trash at the end of the show, you dirty animal.

(Don’t Think!)

Next, we kicked it with Logickal, Rex Steel, Wizwaldo, Mrs. Aero, my honey, and the coolest postman around. We had  a blast and in the end, each of my tall, strong friends helped me carry my new guitar and bass amps.

We loaded up quick then hit home, late, for some DVR action and a good night’s sleep.

Right before blogging this blog, Michelle set up my music room. I tested the amps. All is well. Feast your eyes…

(My girl is magic!)


(Bringin’ da funk!)

I’ll catch up this week (2 missing threads), until then, rock on!


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