Don’t Bother Me! I’m Lost In Skyrim!

If you don’t know what SKYRIM is, you’re much better off.

For those of you in the know, I just killed my first dragon (well, the soldiers this dude, Jarl, sent with me killed my first dragon – one of my arrows helped, but I don’t think it was the fatal shot). I equipped my first shout (aural death-strikes I emit with my mouth!). Things are looking peachy.

One gripe – I tried to enter the college of magic but can’t cast the proper fear spell (need more magicka) to get in. Damn.

(Hit him with some fire then chop that badboy a new one!)

Aside from the central quest, I murdered a bunch of folks and stole a bunch of goods (the guards can’t stop me!).

Also, I just lost about three hours of my life.

See you in the real world, Loyal Reader. Oh, and if you happen to meet my Skyrim avatar, a mean, little Night-Elf named, Kenny Powers (woot, woot!), don’t trust ’em. He’ll knife you in the back, set your dying body aflame, and then take whatever doesn’t burn up in the fire (gold, baby, gold – jems are nice, too).

Looking good…


5 Responses to “Don’t Bother Me! I’m Lost In Skyrim!”

  1. Justin Bird Says:

    Firstly, I want to say I still want to visit you at school, but I presume I need an ID for a visitor’s pass first, but I’m working on that.

    Secondly, I know, right? I think I maybe shot the first dragon like, one or 2 times. The Soldiers did most of the work, so why am I considered the hero!? Also, Jarl is the guy’s title, not name. It’s like the equivalent of the counts from Oblivion.
    I really want to get Skyrim, I only played it for a day when my cousin’s now-ex-boyfriend brought it over. Hopefully my constant talking about it will make somebody get it for me for Christmas, haha.
    Oh, I also put 3 of your books on my list, hehe. (That is what brought me to here, then I saw the entry about Skyrim and I had to read it!)
    And, already trying to join the Mage College after only just killing the first dragon? I really only did the main story for the little time that I played, I never did the extra stuff since I didn’t really have time to delve too much into the game.

    Good god, did I just write an essay?

    • Ha! I think you might have.

      It looks good. An A+ for cohesion and all that. 😉

      I’m pretty sure you need some sort of pass to get on campus, but why come back to school any way? – you’ve escaped, enjoy the freedom!

      Skyrim is swallowing my soul, but it’s okay, I like it.

      Hopefully you score one for Christmas. If you end up with any of my work, be sure to give me a critique. I’d be interested in what your brain thinks of it…

      • Justin Bird Says:

        Why come back? Visit my favorite teachers, such as yourself of course!

        And I know how you feel, even though I barely got to play it, Skyrim seemed amazing. I love how they did spells in this one, I rather enjoyed the constant gush of fire erupting from my hands 😛
        In hopes that I get Skyrim for Christmas, I have been playing Oblivion for the past couple weeks. I got it last Christmas, but I mainly did side quests and never did the main story, so I started a new game.
        I recently became a vampire and the Gray Fox, so I am very happy about that 😛 The constant need to feed on the blood of the innocent is certainly worth the enhanced magic and strength.
        I looked into Vampirism and Lycanthropy in Skyrim, and I must say I am disappointed. I rather liked not having sun damage in the first stage of Vampirism, and I am disappointed by the lack of major downside of having Lycanthropy. There should be like, a rage meter, and only after getting hit enough do you transform, and have your actions be uncontrollable for the first like, 20 seconds of being transformed.
        Also, a while ago I looked into the old myths of Werewolves, and I found something rather interesting. One said that a person WOULD transform during a full moon, but would not change back at sun rise. Instead, the werewolf must dive into water.
        This would be an interesting way to make yourself become human, simply find a lake and submerge yourself.

        Hmmm, this one was longer than the last one… well, I’m gonna go do mage guild quests!

  2. I gotta wolf out. I did the vampire thing in Oblivion and found it to be more of a pain, but, then, I should have played differently, taking advantage of vampirisim’s perks rather than sticking to my original plan of beefing up my mage.

    I like how in Skyrim you can mix and match so many styles. I’m doing the double handed barbarian thing AND powering up my destruction magic AND my conjuration AND my sneak and there seems to be a nice, natural flow so long as I am using each as much as I can when a situation requires it.

    Whenever you get it, you’ll flip. It’s totally your type of game. I’m gonna play some now…

  3. I’ve been in the same boat. Eventually I came up for air to share a few thoughts and some amazing screens in my Lost in the Nordic wonderland of Skyrim post @ Then I made a Skyrim Map post filled with over 30 different maps of Skyrim @ – I’m over 130 hours in and I feel like I’m maybe half way into the game, probably not.

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