I know, that’s an old reference. Do you think it’s been long enough to bring it back around?

In any case, today I sold a book. Cool, huh? That makes for two novels being published in 2012! Both will be hard cover limiteds & trade paperbacks & digital, so we will be doing the mass marketing thing, getting the books out to everywhere and everyone we can. Should be good. Expect some nice promotion in the near future.



So, the books?

Okay. I’ve got BIRDBOX, a book in which the Garcia children inadvertently free an ancient witch whose soul has been embedded into the DNA of every bird on earth. These birds have to join with the poor soul the witch infects so that the sinister woman can manifest and take over the world. Can the kids band together and fight the evil? Not likely, you see, though they are charming and sweet, Children are pretty dumb. They make lots of grave mistakes. Fun and gruesome! (We already have a cover for this one – once Bad Moon edits, then lays it out, we’re set, but their schedule is pretty backed up).

Next up is LAMBS. This one is about some seriously screwed up teenagers. Arthur sees dead people, and phantom wounds, and may or may not be responsible for spectral murders every four years of his sixteen years on the planet. His roommate at the grouphome (after his parents died he fell into the system), Conor is crack baby with an interest in arson. Melanie is an all-American Satanist. Their lives collide in interesting, often bloody ways. It’s a bleak one, but I had some fun with making Satanists over into Norman Rockwell golly-gee-whiz types. It’s strange. And kinda cool.

So then, good news on the career front. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them as much as I like writing them.

Covers and more news coming soon.



One Response to “Winning!”

  1. That’s awesome news, man. Congratulations. I cant say I’m totally surprised, but congrats nonetheless.

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