Waiting Room Redux

Talk about waiting…

I like my new hospital fine, but man, they need to get their stuff together. We used to go to Kaiser, but when open enrollment rolled around this year, we opted out and took on a PPO. We chose City of Hope because of their focus on cancer.

Again, they’re fine and doing what needs to be done, but this is the second time (in two trips), we’ve had to wait a ridiculous amount of time for a scheduled appointment. My CT scan was set up for 1:00PM and they didn’t get me back to the machine until 2:15PM!!!

What’s the point of making an appointment?!

(Have a seat…forever!)

So far, Kaiser’s got them beat on many fronts (kept appointment times, newer equipment, distance).

So long as I’m getting the proper treatment I’m happy, but waiting over an hour for an appointment is pretty crappy. Thanks god for iPad games.

I guess there a million other things I can gripe about…

Hiccups for one. I can’t shake these suckers. My wife gave me a spoonful of sugar (believe it or not it works, but the hiccups returned a few hours later).

(I’m officially starting a campaign…)

I am way too grumpy to continue. More blogs soon (I still got two more to catch up with my blog-a-day).


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