Domination #1 – Enticement

I’m losing track. There might not be 365 posts in 365 days. I missed a few days and still owed one and…

Forget it. I’ll just keep writing and find a way to deliver.


(Makes sense to me)

There’s been lots of stuff to write about, I’ve just been lazy. I went in to Vacation Mode at exactly 2:31PM, on Friday afernoon. For the next week we can stay up late, and wake up late, and what we want when we want. I’ll tell you what (go , Hank Hill!), that’s all our country needs. We all get up later, and we all go to bed later, and we take our time in starting the day, and then unwinding at night, and poof! Just like that, everybody is well rested and happy.

Nice long lunch breaks help. Work a few hours, take a few hours off, then you get in a few more hours before cutting out.


I all ready posted the good news on FB, but I suppose it belongs here for posterity’s sake, huh?

I sold a book to DARKFUSE, a new imprint of Delirium. In addition to running a novella and novel line up,DARKFUSE also serves as a storefront for indie horror. DARKFUSE / Delirium is putting out books by the brightest in the business, giving good homes to good, freaky books. They’re pretty great.


(All indie horror, all the time)

Check out their IN PRODUCTION page, where’ll you’ll see a Cover Coming Soon designation holding a spot in the April 2012 production schedule for my novel LAMBS.

I’m excited. The best thing is, the book is coming out in all formats – hard cover, paperback, and digital, so everyone will have a chance to check it out.

Can’t wait for the cover art.


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