I watch the X-FACTOR. Don’t know how many of you are – it hasn’t caught on like American Idol, but it’s still cool. It’s nice how the judges are also mentors who work closely with their artists. The prize is 5million bucks! It also seems likely a few of the artists will have careers no matter what happens. It’s kind of exciting. And a whole lot cheesy.


(Go Astro, go Astro, go!)

Astro, a fourteen-year-old rapper, is my favorite contestant, but, since he raps and doesn’t sing, he’s probably going home sooner than later. The little guy has talent and spunk and some real rapping skillz. Though performing covers, Astro tends to write his own verses, which gives the songs life. He spices things up, making them relevant. If he plays his cards right, and LA Reid takes him on, he can move beyond blase reality show arrangements and grow into a proper MC.


2 Responses to “Astro!”

  1. Astro is my favorite as well! Ironically, even as the only non-singer, he also has the most star quality than any one else! How boring would this show be without him? I intend to vote for him like crazy until his time is officially up. I really love his spontaneity and freshness. Plus he’s young, cute and HIGHLY marketable. Too bad that we’ve left the decision in America’s hands… let’s face it, we don’t always know what’s best! Taylor Hicks, anyone?!

  2. Ha! So true. America isn’t going to make it happen, but Astro is all those things and more.

    He still might get a good gig if LA Reid signs him anyway. I don’t think they’d let him go, not with that potential. He could become as big as Bieber (well, maybe not that big) if they get him the right songs and market him right.

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